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Noshakh Restaurant Has a Diverse Menu Available at Cheetay

Looking for an exotic Fusion Cuisine at Cheetay? Noshakh offers Namkeen dishes, Barbeque and Punjab specialties with a twist. It takes its aspirations from the legendary Afghan or Pakhtun methods of cooking to serve you with irresistible food. You can order handis, kebabs and karahis made with lamb, chicken and mutton.

Afghan Cuisine with a Punjabi Twist

A pot of simmered lamb stew or tender lamb cooked with tomato paste, lemon, red peppers and salt could be your favourite lunch or dinner. Dip a piece of Qandhari, Garlic, Uzbaki or sada naan in this and let the soft morsels melt in your mouth. If you want to try a typical Afghani dish then, order Rosh – Dum Pukht, that is, an aromatic tenderized meat mixed with vegetables and spices broiled to taste.

If lamb does not match your food mood then get Mutton Sulemani Karahi. The mutton in this is made with lemon juice, dry herbs, black pepper and is garnished with julienned ginger. A Chapli Kebab fan can devour chunky minced beef kebabs or Afghan Beef Tikka with chutney and naans. You can also try an array of flavours that one of Noshakh’s trademark Afghani dishes, Chicken Sajji gives away. Complement it with subtly spiced Kabuli Pulao and satiate your hunger pangs.

Wok Cooked Dishes at Noshakh

A tangy Chicken Namkeen Karahi finished off with shredded ginger and pieces of green chilies is what you would want be looking for in case you want a full meal. You can also gulp down the Chicken Namkeen Peshawari Boti that promises to tease your taste buds with its smoky and spicy taste. In Pakistani Cuisine you can order Chicken Handi Boneless, Makhni Handi, Karahi, or Makhni Daal along with steaming hot Barbeque items.

So, order Noshakh’s deals and meals just the way you want it and dive into the deliciousness that awakens your senses.