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Nisa Sultan Restaurant in Lahore

Since we’re all or dare I say the women folk well acquainted with the ‘Turkish delights’ that have dominated our television screens in the past few years it’s hardly a surprise that we would hold back when it comes to Turkish cuisine. Our infatuation with everything related to Turkey has at least paved the way for us to enhance our taste buds and invigorate our palette.

One thing’s for sure, we all love trying new cuisines and flavours when we’ve had enough of regular desi food or the burger you have every week. This is when you try Nisa Sultan! Their authentically delicious Turkish food is the perfect antidote to eating the same old boring food everyday and culinary boredom you may face.

Their deliciously diverse menu will provide you with an array of options starting from doner kebabs, doner platters, beyti kebabs, hummus, shish barbecue, etc. Apart from this they have various delicious bbq options, doner platters, rolls, lahmacun and a pide. Their pide and lahmacun which are basically the Turkish versions of a cheesy pizza will surely satisfy your cravings. They have a variety of options for meat toppings such as chicken, pepperoni, minced meat, etc.

Main courses aside they have a variety of Meze or Salad options. You can always start by trying randomly from the menu since you hardly understand what the names mean or how they’re pronounced. The best thing is that the food is reasonably priced and won't take a toll on your pocket.

Tou bas bohat ho gaya hai ab! Just log on to our website or download our App to browse through their menu. Trust me, it’s good! So whether you’re ordering a doner platter, pide, lahmacun or decadent desserts like kunefe or rivani you won't be disappointed. Ghar bethay bethay aap yeh mazay poray kar saktay hain! Wherever you are in Lahore just sit back and relax and our riders will do the rest. So hurry up and order now!