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Delicious Peri-Peri Chicken of Nando’s

Cheeky Nandos!

Want some cheeky Nandos? Well, look no further because Cheetay brings you the best chicken right to your doorstep. Nandos is known to have one of the best Chicken in Lahore and Cheetay is proud to deliver hot and tasty food from its menu right at your disposal.


This food experience is a journey for you. Start with their appetizers. Their chicken wings and spicy mixed olives will tingle all your senses. You have not lived until you have tried their chicken livers, Hummus with Peri Peri Drizzle and Portuguese Roll. The Mediterranean spices used by Nandos will leave you wanting more and more even after the last bite.

You can even opt for a healthier option like their Portuguese Salad or the Mediterranean Salad, which are equally delicious.


However, do not forget to feast on their most popular dish, the Peri Bites. Fiery and hot enough to cause a burst of flavor in your mouth. This dish is best served with their sauce and will definitely leave you wanting more!

So Much Food!

Burgers, wraps or pitas. We will serve you the entire Nandos menu. Whether it is the Peri Peri Chicken Wrap or the Peri Peri Chicken Breast Burger or the Peri Peri Nandocas Choice or the Peri Peri Chicken Pita. You have many choices. They even have a veggie burger for all you vegetarians out there!

Some Sides!

You can either order something on its own or choose many delicious sides to go with it. They have an option to choose a regular side like their Peri Peri Wedges, Spicy Rice, Cole Slaw or Corn on the Cob. If you are in the mood to eat something fancy, you can also order their scrumptious Perinaise, grilled Portuguese Roll, Peri Peri Drizzle, Chargrilled Vegetables, Garlic Bread, toasted pita bread, et cetera.

Hot or Extra Hot?

Nandos caters to everyone. You can opt for your preferred spice level: choose from extra hot, hot to mild, and for some zesty flavor choose lemon and herb. You cannot order Nandos without having their Peri Peri Chicken! They serve 1/2Chicken, ¼ Chicken, a whole Chicken, Chicken Butterfly, Espetada, Chicken Trinchado, and Grilled Chicken Cataplana.

Sharing is Caring!

Order for your entire family the sharing platter whether it is the Full Chicken Platter with a choice of sides or the Wings platter that includes 10 Chicken wings and 4 regular Sides. The No Bones (About It) Platter contains 1 Chicken Butterfly, 1 Espetada and 4 Regular Sides that will satiate your cravings as well as your family's.


End your meal with the famous Nandos Dessert collection. Their chocolate cake is extremely delicious and is known to be one of the best chocolate cakes in the country. Their Creamy Cheesecake and Coffee Cake are so scrumptious that you will not be able to stop after one bite.

Cheetay - Amazing Food Delivered Wherever You Want!

Order Nandos from Cheetay and enjoy amazing food at the most affordable prices. These dishes will not only satisfy your stomach but also your wallet due to their great value for money. Cheetay lets you enjoy delicious food without leaving the comfort of your home.