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  • Their battered fried prawns , Alfonso Chicken,Tamarind Fish, 3 cheese chicken is also very amazing should be in their popularity category. Cheety does a great job delivering them hot! ????

Naan Bun Paneer Restaurant in Lahore

A relatively new eatery, Naan Bun Paneer is located opposite Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore. If you are having one of those days where home cooked food seems like a bore to you, and you are in a mood for something excellent. Food that you don’t have every day. Then we suggest you try out Naan Bun Paneer. Naan Bun Paneer has great food and great ambiance. Every dish is prepared with utmost care. In a short time span, they have ammased a massive following. So you don’t want to be left behind, do you?

Wide-ranging menu

They have Pakistani food, continental, French/Italian, Asian fusion, and a lot more. The most popular menu items are the grilled chicken with tarragon sauce, asparagus pasta, Moroccan chicken, chicken espinaca, garlic and kalaunjii naan, and the soups. Each of these items are truly delicious, hence loved by many.

The continental menu alone is huge. It is divided between steaks, sandwiches, variety of pastas, and burgers. From the litany of steaks on their menu they have the whisky river BBQ steak, jalapeno, wild mushroom, fire hot, black pepper, etc. The burger menu includes the honey mustard chicken (beef) burger, mushroom, jalapeno, mild wild, and others. The desi food menu is even better, with a variety of options in handis and a lot of barbeque dishes. In the Asian fusion cuisine, you will find prawns, fish, beef, thai, and everything in between.

Apart from food, there are so many choices for beverages as well. Mango zango, strawberry refresher, pina colada, thai breeze, stress relief, margarita, smoothies, etc. In desserts, you can order molten lava, bread pudding, Nutella brownie, cake Alaska, apple pie, and baked cheese cake. No disappointment here as well. You see, there is something for everyone.

The prices are not so high, and the quantity served for a single person is good enough. All in all making a decent overall combination. Therefore, a very good value for money.

Now if you are wondering who will get you all this because you are having one of the laziest days ever, and getting out of bed seems like a hardcore task. Do not worry. You can have all this yummy food at your doorstep while you are in bed enjoying your favorite TV show. That too hot and fresh. All you have to do is visit and order online. Even better, you can order by downloading the Cheetay app. Then sit back, relax, and wait for the food.