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Mr Cod Restaurant in Lahore

Are you craving the perfect fish and chips straight from the land where it all originated? Then you’re in luck because Mr Cod is here in Lahore to fulfil all your sea food cravings. It has brought the same flavour and taste to Pakistan that it offers in the UK. If you want to taste the amazing Cod fish, then Mr Cod is the place to be.

Let’s get fishin

Their menu offers quiet a decent variety of food. Apart from the variety in food, Mr Cod offers a great many deals too. If you want to order for yourself, then you can get Deal 1 that has 1 fish fillet with regular fries, drink, and tartar sauce. This too in only PKR 380. If you bring a friend along, then you can order Deal 2 with 2 fish fillets, regular fries, drink, and tartar sauce in PKR 590. Not all deals have fish burgers though. There are many deals for all the chicken lovers as well. For instance, Deal 7 has a chicken zigzag burger, a chicken piece, regular fries and drink. If you want some rice instead of a burger, then Deal 11 is for you where rice are served with 3 strips of chicken and a drink, all in PKR 300 only.

The Premium Range Menu

There are 3 deals in this menu and you can choose between a fillet burger, prawns, or fish tikka skewers. If you are thinking about treating your family, then Deal 15 will be perfect for that with 4 zigzag burgers and 4 chicken pieces with a 15 litre drink. There are so many other deals too for every person out there.

Bored of chicken? Come to Mr Cod

We do get tired of eating the same old chicken or beef burgers. It is good to try out something new once in a while to give our taste buds a break. On days like these, just order from Mr Cod from their wonderful variety of fish fillet burgers. You might even completely revert to eating fish burgers because they are that good.

So why the wait? Order right away!

With Cheetay, you can order from Mr Cod wherever you are. All you have to do is download the Cheetay app or visit the Cheetay website. Your food is literally just a click away. Simple, right?