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  • Tried their brunch. Taste of food is very ordinary, sufficient variety available with good service.

Monal Restaurant in Lahore

Do you ever feel like treating yourself at a place that offers exquisite food and an exceptional environment? Well, if you answered yes to the above question then let us share our personal favourite restaurant with you for days when you just want to eat great food. We are talking about Monal Restaurant in Lahore. Everything about this place screams amazing! The variety in the menu, the taste, the ambiance, every single thing! Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself.

Get ready, because you are in for a delicious ride!

First of all, the menu is huge! So it will not be easy for you to decide your order. Second, each and every item on the menu is absolutely delish!

If you want to take your family out, then Monal is the perfect place. They have an entire menu section for special family deals, and all the deals are priced under PKR 5000. If there are 2 people, they can try out the Mix Grill which has seekh kebabs, chicken sheesh tauk, chicken behari tikka, chicken cheese kebab, barbecue chicken wings and brown rice. This deal is also available for 4 people. Other deals in this section are the Special Mix Grill, and the Shahi Platter.

No need to be disappointed if you are solo, because individual deals are available too. They include the Pakistani Platter, Continental Platter, Chinese Platter, Italian Platter, Pasta Platter, Thai Platter, Vegetarian Platter, and Kids Platter.

In the mood for some fast food?

Then you are in for a scrumptious surprise because all the burgers on the fast food menu are a treat for your taste buds. For all beef lovers out there, their Beef Cheese burger is truly a classic. With a juicy beef patty smothered in cheese and wrapped between some freshly toasted buns, this burger will make you forget all your woes as it melts away in your mouth. Other burgers that you can try are the Chicken Steak Burger, Beef Steak Burger, Fried Chicken Breast Burger, Monal Special Burger, or the Grilled Chicken Burger.

Monal is a great option for when you want to eat out with friends and everyone wants to have something different, because variety is another distinguishing feature of this restaurant. You can get desi, peshawari, grilled, oriental, continental, and whatever else your heart desires.

Ready to order yet?

Can’t drive all the way to Monal because you have work obligations? Or do you just want to stay at home and avoid the bad traffic? Worry no more, because Cheetay will make sure that you get your lunch on time. You can order whatever you please from Monal and Cheetay will deliver it right to your doorstep. Just visit the website or download the app, and get ready for lunch.