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  • Food is tasteless, such a pathetic quality, total waste of money. Never ever order this. Cheeta should remove such as local and tasteless restaurants that show themselves as a brand.

Ministry of Burgers Restaurant in Lahore

So we had this insane dream last night in which we live in a land where everything was made of burgers! The clouds, trees, roads, cars, everything! There were burgers of all shapes, sizes, and flavours and anyone could eat a burger anytime! And then something unfortunate happened. We woke up. But then we remembered this awesome burger joint by the name of Ministry of Burgers and our day was not unfortunate anymore. So if you are like us who constantly dreams about burgers, then Ministry of Burgers is just the place for you. It is located in DHA, Lahore as a very casual hangout spot.Burger, burgers, and more burgersWhat distinguishes Ministry of Burgers from other burger joints is the fact that they make their own buns! The whole burger eating experience improves two folds when the buns are fresh off the oven. Just imagine their heavenly scent as they come out piping hot on your plate.Beef burger extravaganzaYou can order whichever burger that tickles your fancy! Like “what a burger”, yolo, the hunger beef, bruschetta, the special one, mushaboom, and bacon meister. If you want to experience true foodgasm, order the yolo burger. It has everything that needs to be in a perfect burger. Caramelized onions, jalapenos, heavenly cheddar cheese, lettuce, and a very tangy sauce. The hunger beef is also a must try for all you beef chomping folks. Everything else is equally tempting. Only try if you are in for a rollercoaster of flavours. These are not for the faint hearted.Want some chicken burger?Then head over to the chicken burgers menu. Order the big mommy burger that has a chicken fillet, jalapenos, onions, and lettuce, or Scrappy coco with coco sauce on the chicken fillet. There is also the danzinger with a delicious spicy sauce, 7 spice breeding, lettuce, and mayo. Last but certainly not the least is the fat boy slim which has mayo, some spicy sauce, jalapenos, and crispy garden-fresh lettuce.All burgers are either served with a side of french fries or a bunch of other options like wedges, cheese sticks, chicken strips, nuggets, jalapeno bites, etc.But we need to acknowledge their awesome french fries separately. Such crispiness, makes you go WOoah! Fresh off the fryer, they are truly hard to put down. The fries menu is also not limited to plain fries alone. You can choose between seven different options. They are PEP fries, MUSH fries, bacon cheese fries, jalapeno cheese fries, MOB fries, and KAMIKAZE fries.If you can’t go all the way to DHA, then that is okay. Because we at Cheetay are working hard to make sure that all your food cravings are satisfied. You just have to visit Cheetay’s website or download its android/IOS app to order your favourite burger. Leave the rest to us.