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  • kya BAAT hai? wah!!!
  • ????? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??
  • Good Sasti
  • Eating for last 14 years, bhtreen
  • Best Chanay near DHA. Eating for last 1year from here only (Y)
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Mian Nasir Murgh Chanay in Lahore

For some people, food is a way to survive. For Lahoris, food is a way of life. So their love affair with food is never ending. If you don’t live in Lahore, make sure to visit it often or at least once in your life because we can promise you, you have not lived until you have experienced Lahore. But more importantly, you have not lived until you have eaten Lahori cuisine. There are so many amazing restaurants serving traditional Lahori food, that it will take you a lifetime to try each one of them. One such not-to-be-missed restaurant is Mian Nasir Murgh Chanay. This place offers some of the best murgh chanay in the city. If you have never tried these murgh chanay in your life, you have missed out a LOT!

Finest Murgh Chanay in town are right here

Sure, everyone can follow a recipe and attempt to ‘cook’ but then again, not everyone can be legendary at that. Mian Nasir Murgh Chanay are exactly that. They are legendary. The gravy has just the right amount of spices. Just looking at the steaming hot plate of the murgh chanay will make you drool. A whiff of their spicy aroma will make your mouth water. You will see yourself reaching towards the plate before anyone else can get to it.

You have the option to get either saada chanay, anda chanay, or kofta chanay. All these are served with a hot plain naan alongside a cool minty raita.

Super Cool Prices

Now imagine if you could get all this amazing food just under rupees two hundred! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well you can stop imagining now because the prices are actually this low. And the quality of the food is never compromised.

No matter where you live, food will get to you in a bit

There is always an opportunity cost in life which is pretty sad because we always want to have everything. Sometimes when we want to eat out at our favourite restaurant but there are certain circumstance that won’t let us. We might not have a car at hand, we could be busy at work, or there could be a major traffic jam that we would like to avoid. So we forego what we want and instead choose what’s convenient. But not anymore because Cheetay will be your superhero. No need to miss out on anything. Eat from all your favourite places even when you live miles away. All you have to do is visit Cheetay’s website and place an order. You can also download the Cheetay android/IOS app. So tell us, kya chahiye?