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Mehr Gulab Jamun for Dessert Lovers

Bread pudding is great at the end of a hefty meal. So is a molten lava cake with hot melted chocolate oozing out from its core with a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or a slice of your favorite cheesecake, topped with fresh strawberries. All the dessert lovers will understand the need, the urgency, the necessity of having a dessert at the end of every meal to complete it. Because no dinner, lunch, hi-tea, brunch and even breakfast is complete unless there is dessert at the end of the meal. In fact, dessert lovers only look forward to the end of the meal because that’s their favorite part. You never know, they might just skip the main course, order themselves a dessert instead and also attack your dessert at the end. The bottom line is, if you know a person with a sweet tooth, you know how much they crave dessert all the time and how hard it is for them to control themselves. While they may have a preference for certain desserts, they usually just eat anything thrown their way so long as it’s a dessert and is loaded in meetha. So, bread pudding, molten lava cake with ice cream are great options for them.

Desi Desserts in Lahore

But sometimes, you need to go back to your roots, the foundation of where it all started – what it all started with. Ladies and gentlemen, desi desserts. Because there ain’t no meetha like desi desserts. Whether it’s gulab jamun drenched in a sheera of meetha, or ras malai in a pool of meetha, only desi desserts are meetha enough to induce a sugar rush and send you into a sugar coma. Hey, some people actually enjoy it. Many, in fact, enjoy it. Because desi desserts have their unique taste and style and flavors that no amount of cheesecake can fulfill. So, would you like some desi dessert?

Meetha from Mehr Gulab Jamun

Located in the heart of old Lahore in Lakshmi Chowk, Mehr Gulab Jamun has a long history of making the best gulab jamuns one can have. But don’t be fooled by its name! Mehr Gulab Jamun in Lahore doesn’t just serve saffron gulaab jamun, they’ve also got a wide variety of other desi desserts on their menu, including ras malai, daal ka halwa, gajjar ka halwa, ras gullay, plain ladu, pistachio and almond ladu and mix mithai to keep your meetha plate interesting. Admit it, chocolate lava cake may be great, but it’s nothing compared to a warm plate of gajjar ka halwa topped with khoya. And all of this, you can get at Mehr Gulab Jamun in Lahore!

Delivery from Mehr Gulab Jamun in Lahore

We know, Lakshmi Chowk is too far and crowded to risk the drive for their mouth-watering, sheera-dripping desi desserts. But you don’t have to worry about leaving your house. If you’ve got guests you want to surprise with these absolutely delicious desserts or an event where you want to just wow your relatives and friends, then don’t settle for less. Simply call Cheetay and order your mix mithai, gajjar ka halwa, ras gullay and ladus from Mehr Gulab Jamun. You won’t be disappointed in the taste, and you definitely won’t be disappointed by the service because Cheetay delivers fast and fresh, and anywhere in Lahore. So download the Cheetay app today and tell us, kya chahiye?