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McDonald’s Meal - Welcomed with Zeal by Cheetay’s Customers!

Wish to have McDonalds everywhere and at any time? Hop on to Cheetay, order your favorite food and get it delivered to your destination right away! With McDonald’s doing separate quality checks and Cheetay matching quantity with order, you are bound to get complete food freshly made to perfection! It’s huge variety in food offers various combinations that not only make your lunch or dinner interesting but also your breakfast appetizing.

McDonald’s breakfast delivery at your Service

A delicious McDonald’s breakfast menu is ready to make your mornings active and full of positive energy. This part of the menu is an English Breakfast, available from 8 am to 10 am, with various combinations of Chicken Sausages, McMuffins, Eggs, Cheese, vegetables, Hot Cakes and hash browns along with a cappuccino coffee. A typical breakfast could simply be a Chicken Sausage McMuffin, Cheese McMuffin, Chicken McMuffin, Egg/Omelette McMuffin in à ala carte and McMuffin meals with eggs, Hash Browns, Cheese and Coffee in meals. If you want more fiber in your breakfast, order either Egg N’ Sausage or Egg N’ Hash Browns or Omelette N’ Tomato wraps or wrap meals from McDonald’s.

McDonald’s for lunch or dinner? You decide.

While breakfast is the biggest meal of the day, a sizable lunch keeps you full till the evening and a proper dinner prepares you for a goodnight’s sleep. So, whether it is lunch or dinner, order from Kali Mirch ka Jhatka that include McNuggets, Black Pepper McCrispy or Spicy McCrispy meals; Sandwiches/McDonald’s Burgers that consist of Beef, Cheese, Spicy Chicken, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Mc Chicken, McArabia, Filet-O-Fish, Big Mac, Mega Mac, Mini Mc Royale, Spicy Chicken with Cheese, Chicken Mac and Chicken Chapli and Double patty burgers such as Double Beef N Cheese, Double Mc Chicken, Double McCrispy, Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Double Filet-O-Fish and Spicy Mc Crispy Chicken Deluxe. If you like Crispy Chicken with burgers then McDonalds offers from one to nine pieces of Bone in Chicken Spicy or Chicken Crispy.

Value for Money and McDonald’s Meals Equals a Satisfied Appetite

McDonald’s offers Value Meals and Extra Value Meals for those who like burgers with drinks and McDonald’s Fries. There are some discounted meals as well. These include Chicken Value, Chicken Plus and Fish Mix Share Boxes and Value Share Bags which are a mix of different burgers, Fries, McNuggets and Drinks. In case you want simple Fries or/and McNuggets, order them and Cheetay will get it for you! If you like Filet-O-Fish deals, McDonald’s exclusive deals section has it all laid out for you!

Meals with toys or desserts; Happiness Either way!

A meal with toys is the best solution for keeping children busy during outings and trips. McDonald’s offers Happy Meals with McNuggets, Beef, Chicken and Cheese Burgers. It also has a range of desserts that include Strawberry Sundae, McFlurry-Oreo, Sundae Hot fudge, McFlurry Cornetto Chocolate and McFlurry Cornetto Strawberry; shakes with flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mango; and Coffees that include Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha along with Hot Chocolate and Tea.

So, McDonald’s burgers or desserts from anywhere in Lahore and Cheetay’s reach to any place is all you can ask for when it comes to ordering online and satiating your fast food hunger pangs.