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Maro Tandoor Restaurant in Lahore

Trend-setting, ground-breaking, wacky ideas, simplistic menu and delicious naans. Ladies and gentlemen, Maro Tandoor in Lahore. *pause for applause*. There really isn’t much science to why Maro Tandoor is amazing. The idea is so geniusly simple yet innovative that no wonder others followed suit with their own versions of it. Basically, it’s a tandoor that offers the best naans with a catch: they’re not just your typical aloo and qeema naans- they’ve got Nutella naan, pizza naan, cheese naans and snickers naan. It really doesn’t get better than this. Oh wait it does- naan with their classic chai. Wah! It can’t get better than this for sure. Oh wait…did we mention how affordable and cheap their naans are? And that their naans taste amazing? And that you can get lassi in Nutella flavour, coffees and special drinks like mint margaritas? And if that’s not enough to convince you, just check out their menu on site. These should be enough reasons to love Maro Tandoor.

Cheetay Delivery from Maro Tandoor

So now that we’ve established (read: forced) your love for Maro Tandoor, you can always order in the naans to enjoy at home, school, work or university because cheetay delivers from Maro Tandoor. Our Cheetay riders will deliver whichever naan you want while it’s still oozing out warm steam with its filling perfectly warm so you can enjoy it fresh off the tandoor. So sit back and relax, place your order through the Cheetay website or the Cheetay app, and order away!

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