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Cheetay Brings Maja Rica Closer to You!

Get a taste of the sophisticated European, savory American, tantalizing Middle Eastern cuisines at Maja Rica. It makes a variety of entrees, single main course dishes and combinations that you would desire. Cheetay- one step ahead in making Maja Rica the most convenient option for food takeaways has it all set for you!

Food from America is at Your Service

Do you know why burgers were made by the Americans? It was to help make food convenient to eat. So, Order Maja Rica easily to enjoy delicious burgers filled with beef, chicken and fish along with spicy or cheesy sauces. Have these burgers with crunchy vegetables, pickles and an exquisite mix of spicy, sour, bitter and sweet sauces. In case, you crave for a smoky beef burger then order a Hungry Jack with thinly sliced salad and tangy sauces. A juicy and smoky flavored patty could add some zing to your bleak mood. So, turn your routine food intake into an event every day with colleagues, family and friends.

European Delights to Cheer You up

For cheesy poultry delights and bread, zoom into the European cuisine at Maja Rica. From Sausages, Pepperoni to a variety of dry chicken and Chapli Kababs, it has all that you would want to devour. Of course, a dash of Mushrooms, Sweet Corn, Black Olives, Bell Pepper, Onions and Tomatoes will add to the colors that this dish can have. And, when topped with a blend of various cheeses, it will give in an extra flavor along with making it gooey and chewy to eat. What could make a huge difference in taste are the herbs such as oregano, fresh parsley, basil, rosemary and thyme being sprinkled at the end. So, get your sensations tingled and relish your mouthfuls.

Mediterranean Food Becoming Your New Favorite

Explore the menu further and enter into the Mediterranean space. Order middle-eastern food such as Shawarma made with thinly sliced vegetables, chicken and sauce drizzled in a pita bread wrapped with perfection. The Egyptian way of adding spiciness to Chicken and Fish through Fajita brings a bold texture and brilliant consistency to food. Get a taste of this and make it your new favorite food.

Relish in Desi Flavors through Cheetay - Your Speedy Food Delivery Partner

Even though Barbecue originated in America, it has influenced Asia heavily. The recipes for this got enhanced through the addition of local spices and herbs. In the sub-continent, this food has become the center of attention with a unique charcoaled taste with a blend of raw spices. In Pakistan, it has taken up a huge space in a foodie’s heart. At Maja Rica, order a Bar-B-Q platter along with fresh salads and chilled drinks but remember that your taste buds can only be satisfied when you call Cheetay - your speedy food delivery partner, to serve it hot at your table.