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Are you looking for authentic Afghani dishes available in Lahore? Maagla Restaurant specializes in these. Its legendry Shinwari recipes give the original Afghan taste and that you like. Whether you choose rice, curries, stews or simply naans from the menu, Maalga has all these dishes lined for you.

Maalga’s Mouth-Watering Menu

A plate of smooth, buttery and flavourful rice cooked in beef stew and decorated with shredded carrots, raisins, almonds, walnuts, cashews and cardamom is worth a bite. This is known as Kabuli Pulao or Pilaf. It either consists of plain rice or rice with botis of salted mutton or beef. Maalga has all varieties at your disposal. You can fill up your cart by ordering chunky Beef or Mutton Chapli Kebab with tomatoes and herbs cooked on a flat pan. The aroma of this patty makes you wish to taste it. You can eat it with yogurt/chutney or raita made with tomatoes and fresh mint leaves and long afghani naans. Pieces of tender Mutton Mutti Kebabs are another option for you. This is a minced lamb meat marinated with salt, pepper, onions, tomatoes and capsicums, skewered and barbequed on coal.

Barbeque at Maalga

Maalga has a range of barbeque dishes for you. The hot, creamy and tender malai boti coming off from the skewers is worth munching on. The tangy and spicy taste of Rajasthani Tikka is a dish that is not to be missed. Maalga offers the Special Chicken Kebab that is smoked to get it a perfect barbequed taste. If you are a fan of the smooth and soft chicken Reshmi kebab then, you have the option to order that too. A true meat lover would never leave Chicken Kandhari Kebabs alone as this is marinated with spices and fresh pomegranate juice and seeds. The meat chunks once cooked, give off a piquant and sour taste that is difficult to let go once you taste it.

So, order online from Maalga at Cheetay whenever you crave for delicious dishes like these and enjoy your meals!