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Little Chef Restaurant from Lahore is Now Easily Accessible on Cheetay

Do you have guests over or are you alone and deciding to have world famous cuisines in front of you? If you say yes, then Little Chef’s online order on Cheetay is worth it. With soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, shawarma, Rolls, Chicken, Mutton and Fish Barbeque, desi chicken and mutton gravies, biryani, and tawa dishes, it has all served in one go!

Little Chef’s Menu to Satiate Your Hunger Pangs

Hunger becomes irrepressible when tempting Soups, Chicken Chops, Chicken Drumsticks, Finger Fish or Chicken Nuggets come your way. Once you have had the appetizers, choose all that you want for the main course. This could be smoked Chicken Seekh Kebabs and charcoaled Chicken Cheese Botis or aromatic tawa Boneless Chicken Bhartha and rich flavoured Chicken Ginger. These of course, are eaten with Kulchas, Tandoori Parathas, Garlic naans, Tawa Naans, Afghani Naans and more along with Raitas and freshly sliced salads. A plateful of soft and creamy Chicken Pasha botis could also be kept as a side dish with curries and gravies. Besides all this you can opt for Sandwiches from the American Cuisine such as the Club or BBQ Spicy served with crispy French fries and freshly made Coleslaw.