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Lebanese Corner in Lahore

Shawarma is always a treat for our taste buds. No matter what the time is, we are more than happy to devour a hearty and meaty shawarma. It is perfect for lunch, dinner, brunch, or even a mid-night snack. All the joyous combination of flavours in it makes for a wonderful meal that will uplift your mood anyday, for sure. Since we adore shawarmas so much, we have chosen this special restaurant to fulfil all our shawarma needs, and we are going to share this place with you too; Lebanese Corner in Lahore. This place serves the best shawarmas hands down. If you haven’t tried their food yet, then you need to hurry up because there is a whole lotta deliciousness that you are missing out on.

We would like to have a shawarma please

We are often found day dreaming about that perfect shawarma, wrapped in a freshly toasted pita bread and filled with juicy and well-seasoned chicken alongside crunchy veggies covered in the most flavourful sauce. The only way we can snap out of our day dreaming mode is when we order from Lebanese Corner. Hence, let us talk about their menu so we can order ourselves this heavenly delight.

Something that makes Lebanese Corner stand out from the crowd is the varied choice of meat available. You can get a shawarma in beef, camel, and chicken; with or without cheese. Also, if you prefer to have it in a platter, then that is an option too.

What are the Lebanese Specialities?

Order anything from this menu and that item is highly likely to become your favourite. The specialities menu has the very luscious butter shawarma, the Lebanese deluxe shawarma to fill you up when your hunger level reaches one hundred, the Lebanese super deluxe shawarma that is bound to put you in a food coma, the Lebanese special fries that will take you to paradise, and the very delectable Lebanese fish shawarma.

Even the prices are so reasonable that you won’t feel your pocket hurting. Which also makes it perfect for times when you need to treat your entire group of friends. We assure you, not a single person would be disappointed.

Put an end to your cravings and order away

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