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Appetizing Lahore Broast Menu at Cheetay!

Lahore Broast is famous for its flavourful, tender whole roast Degi Churgha/Chicken. When you splash a dash of lime along with ginger and coriander on this chicken, it tastes exquisite! To have such a tasty and meaty meal, you now do not have to go to the restaurant. Hop on to Cheetay, scroll through what you need from Lahore Broast and get your food delivered without any hassle.

A Wide Variety of Chicken and Fish Dishes

Order a juicy, succulent, smoky and slightly charred roast to enjoy with your family or group of friends. If you wish to eat individually then, get Half or Quarter Degi Chicken Broast wrapped in an abundance of masala with a handful of freshly made fries. From the fast food section, you can have a crispy golden chicken patty topped with mayo in the buns known as the Supreme Burger or a chunky fried chicken fillets in soft buns should opt for Crisper. This food for the soul will tantalize your taste buds giving you an unforgettable experience. Lahore Broast also offers Chicken dishes such as Chilly Dry, Drum Sticks, Manchurian, Chicken Almond, Chicken Black Pepper and Chicken Garlic. Mix it with seven different types of rice and enjoy!

Do you share a liking for Lahore Broast Biryani? If you do then, opt for Lahore Broast’s plain or mutton biryani flavours. These sizzling hot dishes can be eaten with Karahi, Boneless Handi, Green Chilli or Achari Handi. To complement with biryani, have BBQ Mutton Champ. This will satiate your appetite for rice and charcoaled meat. If you are a seafood lover, you can have an exotic Fish Burger filled with crispy brown fish fillets and mayonnaise or Broasted Fish, Balm, BBQ Fish Rao and Rahu Fish with naans of your choice.

Special Sidelines at Lahore Broast

If you want to order more, then get something from the sidelines. This could be delicious crispy chicken wings, crunchy chicken nuggets or bite-sized chicken popcorns. Add a sweet and tangy sauce made with fresh apricots to your cart and make it a great combination with delicious sides and main course.

With so many food options, this restaurant is ready to fill your palette with a wide variety to feast on at lunch or dinner. So, order online now from Cheetay Lahore Broast’s food delivery partner and eat away!