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Khyber Village Restaurant in Lahore

Tikka with a twist, Afghani kabab, Gosht that is namkee, Pulao ho tau kabuli, Chicken ginger cooked in a handi. These are just some of our favorite words that makes one want to break from the daily monotonous daal-sabzi and head over for a cuisine literally so close to home. Because when you reside in the city that is the food hub of Pakistan, the home of multiple food streets and century-old recipes passed down from one generation to another, you are likely to stumble upon a different cuisine at every turn. The Pakhtoons, in particular, have made very significant contributions to this country, one of which can be summarized in two words: chapli kabab. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg there are a lot more delicious, mouth-watering dishes that they have.

And where better to get the true experience than at Khyber Village restaurant in Lahore? A sanctuary for the meat-lovers because there ain’t a single daal or sabzi on the menu. They’ve got the most well-known dishes in the world of Pakhtoons covered like the Balochi sajji, namkeen rosh/dum pukhat, and kabuli pulao. Pair this with something fresh off the grill from their Bar B.Q corner and a hot Uzbaki or Irani naan from the Khyber tandoor and you’ve got your perfect meal. You’ve made it this far onto the Cheetay website so why not order in and let us serve you? And with the Cheetay app, placing an order is even easier! So download the app now and order away.