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  • Poor quality....too much spicy
  • Food is really delicious. Highly recommended (y)

Khan Baba Tikka Center Restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan

We don’t get to eat authentic desi food in all its intended glory. Yes we do underestimate desi food by labelling it one dimensional and considerably insipid since there isn’t much to eat apart from salaans and naans. Our cuisine needs to be understood with regards to regional traditions, customs and the recipes passed down to posterity. There needs to be a proper gourmet restaurant that offers desi food which shows it is high end in every respect. But the essence of a true gourmet eatery is the quality of food you get with taste that is so divine that it leaves you slightly inebriated.

We’ve all tried and tested a considerable array of restaurants and eateries in Lahore just to taste the best Karahi’s, champs, kebabs and qormas. You just can’t seem to muster the notion that desi food can be fine dining nor do we associate gourmet meals with desi food. This is a colossal misconception though. We really shouldn’t underestimate the extravagance of taste, colour and the sheer scale of decadence that personifies traditional Pakistani cuisine.

You just have to eat it the right way and the way it is intended to be eaten. The only thing you can think of while looking at an immaculately decorated dish of namkeen gosht embellished with coriander and chards of ginger is “If this isn't gourmet, I don’t know what is?” Moreover, looking at dish of nehari placed in a traditionally ornamented steel dish will create an image that is visually resplendent and will surely make you hungry.

As we said taste and quality of food is what really matters. There are a handful of restaurants abroad that have managed to garner Michelin star ratings despite their outlets being considerably dingy, small scale and even them being road side vendors. The one place that perfectly encapsulates perfect quality and undeniable taste is Khan Baba restaurant.

Naam itna high end nahee hai jaisay kisi poet nay khoolose urdu mai soch kay likha ho but the taste will make you forget the rest. It’s located in Chuburjee and is a bit far but once you’ve eaten there, it won’t matter one bit. Neither will the ambiance be a problem. Their menu consists of traditional dishes which aren’t too fancy but are made the right way! Purely authentic and cooked in desi ghee the smell of which whets your appetite and makes you salivate. The rich sweetness of the desi ghee brings a different dimension to the flavours. You will fall utterly in love with what they have on their menu.

You will not be able to resist their Mutton Karahi which personifies the quintessential traditional taste with a rich gravy made entirely in desi ghee. Let that sink in. Their mutton qorma, mutton pulao, kababs, parathaas and chicken karahi is again something one has to try. Taste is paramount in deciding how good a place is and how much people prefer it. Khan baba is so unanimously revered by everyone that people from all over Lahore go to the restaurant.

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