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  • Thanks to cheetay for on time delivery.
  • awesome and good service. you must add all the items in the menu for this bakery. you are doing good but do great by adding all items
  • Pl add plain Khatai as well (Khatai without Almond) to your menu as it is shown in the menu of Khalifa Bakers.
  • Thanks to cheetay my order of 7 KG came on time
  • Perfect timely delivery. Keep up the good work !
  • lajawab
  • khtai is awsome
  • excellent taste of nan-khatai
  • Delicious!
  • feedback
  • I don't know about other products, but their nan khataies are superb.
  • Fabulous taste as usual. And superb delivery by Cheetay. The cheeta was courteus. A+ for the service. Keep it up guys. Just have the android app for the service, it will be very convenient.
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Khalifa Nan Khatai From Khalifa Bakers In Lahore | Cheetay

We really do love tea now do not we! Given our love for it Chai Chaheyay is one of the most common phrases you can come across anywhere you go in Pakistan. Either you are in the office or if you are at home or when you go visiting, tea is something you can never escape. Haan sub hi chai ka poochtay hain. So we do not just drink tea because who likes to only sip on plain old tea when you can have an assortment of confectionery items and goodies to go with it.

Dipping a perfect biscuit, a flaky cake rusk or a Naan khitai in a simmering hot cup of tea just makes the experience of drinking it worthwhile. I do agree khaali chai peena is boring but nibbling on a biscuit or munching on something complementing your perfectly made Chai is you know absolutely necessary.

So with tea one of the most popular options people go for are Naan khatais, whether you go for factory made brands or desi ones is totally up to you but who doesn't want to have the most luxuriously crisp and crumbly Naan Khatai one can dream off! Dream no further, yes you can order from one of the best places in Lahore. None other than Khalifa Bakers! Yes you can order not only their delicious Naan Khatais but cake rusk along with other variations of khatais available at their shop too.

Bus zayada dur nahee hai yeh sub aap say. Just log on to our website, enter your location and look up Khalifa Bakers and our swift Cheetaas will deliver your online order at your doorstep. It surely is a very long way and a tiresome drive if you go to Akbari Gate (Walled City) to buy it yourself. The traffic alone will get you plus for those who live in Defense, Gulberg, Model Town, Townsip, Garden Town or such areas cannot go because of the distance alone. Again we are here for that. Your order is just a click away and all you need it to go to the website and place your order, which is way more convenient. Right!