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  • I ordered festival box and received it fresh and complete.
  • All I asked for was some spicy mayo sauce and the KFC rep did nothing but disrespect and started fighting over the phone with me and lying that he didn't have any. I will never order from KFC again because they would rather save their sauce than make their customers happy.

KFC Restaurant in Gulberg, Lahore

There’s only one word for it! Terrific! The moment someone even mentions fried chicken there is just one thing that comes to mind. That’s KFC. Fried chicken is synonymous with KFC now. We think we can better explain the goodness of fried chicken though a poem. Here goes, Fried chicken fried chicken, I want me some fried chicken It should be good, tasty and finger lickin.

You want yo chicken to be crispy, crackling, juicy and tender

You can always have it if you’re feeling under the weather.

Fried chicken, nuggets, burgers and fries

If you ain’t got time for dat you can also get yo self some rice n spice.

You can have wings, buckets, wraps and burgers of a mighty size.

Having the best chicken, everything deep fried is your ultimate prize.

Having good old fried chicken ain’t no joking matter. We take our fried chicken very very seriously. MMMHH MMMMM mmmmmmm! Hell to the yeah. We like our chicken and we like it fried, crispy and fiery. Dem chest pieces need to be succulent and juicy. And ohhh lord them thighs need to be smooth and hot just da way we like it! (No puns intended) Whenever you want to have fried chicken you want it to be authentic and the real deal. Not some cheap rip off. Originality matters and authenticity is key when it comes to having the best fried chicken. We all come across numerous rip offs everywhere we go. I mean you can change the K to a freaking A, B C or D but no one messes with the big K. Cuz K stands for da freaking King ok! Ain’t nobody got time for some cheap a** wanabees who pretendin’ to be somethin’ they not!

Ok, let’s take a break from being in the hood for a bit. No matter where you go or wherever you have fried chicken you always know at the back of your mind that proper fried chicken comes with the best crust. The crust should be crisp and perfectly seasoned so that you get a punch of savoury spices that personifies KFC. Not only do you get the best fried chicken you get the best chicken burgers. The zinger, mighty zinger, twister, rice and spice, chicken chips, etc. are all on the menu to make sure you have loads of options at your disposal.

People look down at fast food and make it seem insignificant and not worthy. Well, there are obvious disadvantages of having deep fried fast food in excess. We need to be careful with everything we eat, not just fried food to stay healthy. We still have our cheat days when we can easily binge on the best fried chicken you can ever have. The crispy chicken covered with the skin makes it a combination of moist, crispy and perfectly tender with the deliciously fried chicken fillet.

Oh and if you want it right now, we understand. In Fact, we can make it all so much more convenient and easier for you. All you need to do is log on to our website or download our App and order online. You'll bet your chicken hot, fresh and juicy. Don’t wait and get on it right away! We got yo back!