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  • the order i received was from not karachi biryani. I received it from "karachi biryani hearts". DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!!!!! First of all you people dont offer the real karachi biryani delivery and to top it off you deliver from the wrong outlet

Karachi Student Biryani in Lahore

It’s the middle of the week and you’ve just come back home tired from work. So tired that you don’t even feel like making any sort of human contact. As you enter the house, the mesmerizing aroma of herbs and spices catch your attention. Then as you realize ke aj biryani pakki hai, you feel like jumping up and down with joy, and all your fatigue suddenly vanishes. The world seems less gloomy. A wide smile spreads across your face as you begin to dig in the garma garam plate. Such is the magic of biryani. It can turn any frown upside down. It can turn your rainy days into happy rainy days. Sadly, this doesn’t happen every time a bad day greets us. The chances of biryani being cooked in our homes is directly proportional to ami’s mood. So for days when ami ke haath ke daal chaawal are not going to cut it, Karachi student biryani will cheer you up.

Forget all your woes because biryani is here to comfort your soul

A steaming hot plate of biryani from Karachi Student Biryani will make you forget about all other biryanis that you have ever had in your life. Their saffron coloured rice is luscious and fluffy, garnished with fresh coriander  under which you find tender chicken pieces cooked in an array of aromatic spices. Every bite will leave such a burst of flavour in your mouth that it will be hard to put down. You will dream about this biryani for days to come.

The regular size plate costs 190 rupees and the full size plate costs 260 rupees. In such reasonable prices, you get huge portions so there’s no need to hide your plate when your siblings sneak behind you to steal a bite. After having the delicious savoury biryani, awaken your sweet tooth with some glorious zarda, the best desi dessert anyone could ask for.

What are you waiting for? Order away

Now that we have got you craving, what’s the plan? Are you already out the door going towards your car? Wait up! No need to go anywhere because Cheetay has got your back. Order for yourself or your entire family from Karachi Student Biryani and turn your crappy day around. All you have to do is download the Cheetay app or visit the Cheetay website, and have a biryani fest with your friends. No matter where you live, our Cheetah’s will reach you in the blink of an eye.