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Karachi Kanteen Restaurant has Desi Food That You Desire

Craving for tangy and sour food for lunch or dinner? Hop on to Karachi Kanteen in Lahore at Cheetay and order peppery biryani, smoked kebabs or spicy Haleem and more! Its Desi Cuisine has flavours from the Subcontinent and Middle East for you.

Hot and Spicy Menu with Exquisite taste!

Order yourself or for you family and friends a piping hot Sindhi Biryani. This aromatic dish consists of long-grained rice mixed with masala potatoes, piquant dried plums/prunes and sour yogurt. When this is put on dum after it is garnished with fried onions, tomato slices, mint, green chilies and yellow food colouring, it becomes even more appetizing. Add Beef Haleem to your cart as well. This is a mixture of meat, grains and spices cooked slowly to perfection. This is finished off with caramelized onions, shredded ginger, green chilies and chaat masala for extra spicy and savoury taste. To beat the heat of this spicy food, get sweet chilled lassi. An irresistible Beef Bun Kebab or a Beef Bihari Roll could be your option if Karachi Kanteen Biryani or Haleem is too much for you.

After that get a Tres Leches or Three Milk Cake from Karachi Kanteen’s Menu. Made from three forms of milk - evaporated, condensed, and heavy cream, it is a delight to have!

So, expand your palate and get food from Karachi Kanteen at Cheetay right away!