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Karachi Hot n Spicy the Lahore Cafeteria

Karachi Hot n Spicy, the Lahore Cafeteria is a household name. It is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind when quality food is sought, because who doesn’t want reasonably priced food which also has spectacular taste. Such a combination is rare to find these days because most restaurants’ main focus is to make loads of money instead of satisfying customers’ needs. This is our favourite place to go when we are with our friends or family because the variety available on the menu is unbelievable! Whatever your heart desires, it will most definitely be on their menu. Hence, you will always see Karachi Hot n Spicy the Lahore Cafeteria super crowded.

Let’s get started on the menu

Like we mentioned before, there is something for everyone on their menu. Whether you are craving burgers, sandwiches, shawarma, Chinese, or even Pakistani food, they will be sure to have it.

Their Pakistani cuisine menu is absolutely mouth-watering as well. There are literally around a hundred options to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for a spicy gravy, some grilled tikka boti and kebabs, or a simple yet delicious daal, everything is available. A wide variety of naans and rotis can be found on the tandoor menu. There is the homemade chapati, milky Kashmiri roti, kulcha and several others. The fresh off the tandoor, crispy puri paratha, choori paratha, and sada paratha are an absolute treat.

Not in the mood for desi? Not an issue

If you want to devour the juiciest and most flavourful burgers, then this is the best place for that. You can get the chicken burger, beef burger, grilled chicken breast, fried breast, zinger, and a whole lot. They make sure that every burger is fresh, from the buns to the veggies inside. The steaks are amazing too and you can have them in both chicken and beef.

An assortment of different pasta and pizzas are on the menu, both made with high quality ingredients. For all pizza lovers especially, there are so many flavours that you won’t ever feel like going to any other place for their pizza needs.

So are you ready to order food online yet?

Of course you are! If you are wondering how you’ll go all the way to Mall Road, then let us tell you that there is no need to go anywhere anymore. Cheetay will be your best friend when you get hungry. !Just download the Cheetay app or visit the website and satisfy your hunger pangs while chilling on your sofa at home.