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  • Best one
  • Poor biryani.. not original one ...its a fake one ..dont order from this
  • Good job
  • Taste is not as perfect as i heard
  • 5 stars for the Biryani but with time it becomes costly and also the portion of biryani is reduced.????
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We all love the extra dose of chilli, aur teez masalay ka jhatka one day or the other. Bhai biryani ka koi mazaak nahee hai! We all love biryani and jab ghar pay na ho tou you can always order out. This is one of the staple desi dishes that you can have anywhere and at any time. No one can resist the aromatic splendor of a plate of spicy hot biryani with perfectly spiced meat, tender and lusciously soft to tantalize your palate and taste buds. The melt in your mouth rice cooked to perfection with the right amount of tang and punch in the dish to whet your appetite for a lot more.

Yes our love for biryani cannot be understated and what’s better than being served a hot plate of a delicious plate of your favorite dish while you easily lay low and relax at home. Yes the one question you should ask is Kya Chahiye ? And the answer is pretty simple! It is Karachi Biryani.

From the array of Biryani joints in Lahore, Karachi Biryani is one of the best options for you! Their deliciously fiery biryani never seems to disappoint because of the superior flavor they promise along with sufficient and hefty portions to satisfy your hunger. So whether you have friends over or just want a quick desi delight to make your day a tad bit better, fear not. Just log on to our website and order from the best biryani restaurant in Lahore. Tou phir wo sindhi ho ya bombai, hydraabdi ho ya mughlai you get the picture right. Go to our website and order from Karachi biryani. Not only do they have the best biryani but they also have a delicious barbeque menu for you to choose from as well.