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Karachi BBQ Restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan

There are days when you’re dead tired and are done with life in general. The pressure of going to university, coming back home late from work or just wanting to be left alone from all the hassles of daily life are too much for you to handle. We all go through such days when you have had enough of the mounting pressure one faces daily. There comes a time when you are mentally and physically drained to the extent that you just want to sleep for God knows how long.

You just want to be given everything served on a silver freaking platter. And when you are tired or feeling low you want to have the best food you have ever had. This is the one thing that no one can compromise on. Food is our only saviour. No matter how hard it all gets, you have to appease your stomach enough to make yourself feel better.

The only thing that cheers you up or somewhat makes the rut you are in bearable is food. You want to have the most delicious food which is not too expensive and want there to be a menu so vast that you’re spoiled for choice. Moreover, after a long hard weekend you mostly have friends over or stay at home enjoying a good old movie while you snuggle in your bed. The best thing you can do is eat till your heart's content since you only get to use your cheat days on weekends.

The best thing you can do is order out and treat yourself to a hearty meal. The best place for all those people out there who want a meal that is utterly delicious and a menu to die for, yes the place to order from is Karachi B.B.Q. They have got a menu so extensive that you will want some time to go through it all because everything on their menu tastes divine.

From their shawarmas, noodles (chicken chow mein, thai chow mein, beef chow mein, etc), Fried specialities (that include drumsticks, American stuffed chicken, fried pakoras, etc), Steaks and rolls there a whole lot more to keep you looking.

If you are in the mood for a dose of unadulterated desi food then you are in luck since their Pakistani menu gives you morsels of unbridled taste and a fiery punch. The desi menu includes Karahis, handis, an array of naans such as achaari naan, chicken cheese naan, parathaas, etc. The list goes on and on with their BBQ, Chicken boti, kebabs, quorma, ginger chicken, taka tak menu, Chinese menu, burgers, sandwiches, etc are enough to satisfy you for a quite a long time.

To make sure your lazy days at home are somewhat assuaged, you do not have to do anything. Let us take care of it. All you have to do it sit back and relax, turn the tv on and grab your mobile phone. Download our App and just place the order. You can also call our UAN number and place your order. We will make your problems go away and make you feel better by providing you the best meal you’ve had in awhile.

So whenever you are thinking kya khana hai without the hassle of getting ready and going out, just give us a call!