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  • Why cheetay has so much high rates of johnny rockets' items? These are not the prices that we get on the outlet actually. Restuarant is ????

Johnny Rockets Restaurant in Lahore

Have you tried a new burger recently from Johnny Rockets? Are you bored of having the same old burgers all the time? Are you sick of the same chicken burger which has nothing new to offer? You can’t have the same type of burger time and time again now. Can you? Plus with the array of options we have these days you really should try newer and exciting things, not the same old boring menu items you always come across.

Plus you don’t just want to have burger and fries. I mean the menu needs to be somewhat diverse so you can choose proper items and not just a plain old run of the mill burger. You need to be able to choose from options like club sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese and bacon fries, salads, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you had all this available at hand so you could spoil yourself with these deliciously appetizing items on the menu?

There are hardly places you find which offer scrumptious and crispy chicken tenders, gourmet chicken breast sandwiches, rocket dog (hot dog), Philly chicken cheese steak sandwich, bacon cheese fries, chilli cheese fries, etc. See this is what we want, to be able to choose from an exciting menu which actually tantalizes and whets your appetite and motivates you to eat!

So yes you know where we’re going with this, drum roll... you can get all of this from Johnny Rockets. The array of options on their menu will surely excite you. The best thing is the variety of burger, sandwich, fries and shake options they have. Their lusciously smooth shakes will certainly make you drool and salivate! So go to our website or download our App for greater convenience and order whatever your heart desires. The best thing is that you don’t need to get up from your very comfy seat. Sit back, chillax and order. Our riders will be there in no time. Yes, our riders are fast and furious. Abhi order karain aur mazay uraoo!