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  • Overly priced items! Not worth it at all!!!
  • Johnny & Jugnu started out on a good note.. But now they are just being outright greedy.. The burger that started at 250 rupees now costs 400 rupees. JJ got attention not only because it was good.. But also because it was affordable.. The price was reasonable. Now they are looting people like other big corporate food chains.. Big disappointment
  • i always order sprite , they always send coca cola
  • The Tortilla Wrap with Garlic sauce is just amazing. Same goes for the Wehshi Zinger.
  • You should add beef burgers to it and have a faster delivery
  • JJ is love ????
  • food was good. menu is limited. I wanted a milk shake but there wasn't an option plus looking forward to try beef burgers. please add those too.
  • Sasti deal for jj need that back
  • We need sasti deal back.
  • Wehsi ????
  • Ullo k patho delivery e time pa nahi ati, haram k pasy to ni dany hoty, kanjro
  • Amazinggggg foood
  • Hello, Guess what I am wondering.
  • Kya kahen. Kuch kehne layaq nahi chhora. Esa kamal ka wrap k maza aa gya, kehna to boht haqeer hoga. Hum to ye bhi nhi keh saktay k chhota mu aur bari baat coz hamara mu bohat bara hay. I love you Johnny & Jugnu, tum se bhi.
  • SOMETHING YOU MUST TRY! Torttilla Wrap.
  • not a good experience this time
  • Their Tortilla wrap is the best thing I've tried in a long time!
  • great service
  • 2
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Johnny and Jugnu Roadside Burger in Lahore

Ladies and gentlemen, your roadside burger just got an upgrade. That’s right. It no longer comes with just the gandi ketchup with a shami kebab bun. There’s a lot more sauces, flavours, patties and extra add-ons. Basically, you create your own burger. We’re talking about the one and only Johnny and Jugnu burger in Lahore with their revolutionary new burgers and wraps, and sauces such as mushroom, Greek, chipotle and atomic sauce for those with a fiery taste bud. And then you can make it even better with extras like kidney beans, sweet corn, fried eggs, jalapenos and extra cheese because who doesn’t love more cheese. Make it a meal with fries and drink and you’ve got your complete economical meal.

Deliver Johnny and Jugnu with Cheetay

We understand if you’re at the other end of Lahore and don’t want to brave the Lahori traffic. It can be a tiring journey to your favourite burger spot and the long wait in the line adds to the frustration too. But don’t fret yet, because Cheetay delivers far and wide, in all corners of Lahore. This way, you don’t lose out on your favourite burger and get it delivered to the comfort of your home, office, school or university. So whether it’s Johnny and Jugnu’s weshi burger, tortilla wrap or the classic shami you desire, order now and let Cheetay riders serve you.