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Jazz Café and Grill, Lahore

Sometimes you just want to have a good time after a long hard day at work or school. When you want to spoil yourself with food that is so off the charts that it takes you to your foodie heaven. This is where Jazz Cafe comes in. A restaurant perfect for those days where you want no compromise on taste and quality. Each menu item is cooked with great attention to detail. With an assortment of appetizing cuisines, Jazz Café will be your new favourite eatery.

Food and all that jazz!

If you are an avid burger lover, you will find that Jazz Café has some of the best burgers in town. With the freshest buns and an array of different sauces, they are a must have. Their classic chicken burger is a char grilled chicken patty topped with cheese and coleslaw. The gorgonzola burger is also a popular choice. You can get it in either chicken or beef, topped with blue cheese and onion rings. Another delectable option on the ‘giant burgers’ menu is Louis Armstrong favourite beef cheese burger. It has a fresh ground beef patty that is smothered with sweet caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms. Other available choices are the fish burger, wasabi burger, burger tornado, and baconnaise. All burgers are served with a side of coleslaw and a huge helping of French fries.

Steak attack!

Perfect steaks are a rare find but you won’t be let down by Jazz! They have pepper steak, teriyaki jazz steak; which is a charcoal grilled beef fillet steak, prime beef steak with lobster tail, wild mushroom steak, bearnaise beef steak, BBQ beef steak, and several others. All steaks are served with vegetables and potatoes.

Everything would be incomplete without mentioning the thin crust Pizzas at Jazz Café! These pizzas have the crispiest crust with a number of scrumptious toppings. Our advice, order an entire pizza for yourself so you won’t have to sneak glances at your friends’ plates. You have the choice to eat Tuscan chicken pizza, Cajun chicken pizza, Neapolitan vegetarian pizza, baby shrimps pizza, and qautro pizza. If you can, try every single one of these.

Time to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours

No meal is complete without meetha. So don’t even think about ignoring the desserts! Their most famous bread pudding is prepared with bread and butter, topped with caramel sauce and vanilla gelato. Jazz Café also serves a perfect molten chocolate lava cake that will have chocolate oozing from it the minute you slice through it. It is served with some homemade gelato. The homemade gelato makes these desserts the real winner. There is also Tiramisu, chocolate caramel cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, and blueberry cheesecake. We can assure you that you’ll be left smiling for the entire day after devouring these pieces of heaven. So if you are ready to jazz up your life, visit Cheetay’s website or download the Cheetay app and tell us, kya chahiye? And we will get you whatever your heart desires from Jazz Café.

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