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Hot & Spicy! Is what we usually hear when we go to DHA H block. You see throngs of eager waiters hovering around every car you see inching its way to get an order. All you see is a litany of incoming cars. There is a buzz if you go near thehot and spicy restaurant. You get to see hoards of people loitering around and jostling to go in. You see cars parked out in disarray amidst the chaos, horns blazing, waiters sprinting and a cacophonous roar of people shouting out their orders. You see people clamouring to go in. I wonder what all the fuss is about.There are so many places which are highly over-rated just because the top socialites of the city go there so it is automatically deemed THE GO TO PLACE even if the food is substandard. A lot of people scoff atrestaurantsthat may not be as plush as they want it to be or as expensive as the topgourmet restaurants. People look at the not so high end restaurants as below par and just believe the food would not be any good even if they have not ever tried it themselves. Well what really matters is the taste and quality of the food. The cherry on top is when the food you are having is not too extensive either. We all want to be able to eat good quality food without going totally broke. What is the point of splurging unnecessarily on food which is meagre in quantity, average on taste and so expensive that you end up being broke for the entire month.Well worry not, we all have our personal favourite, everyone has their favourite personal place they always go to or order from. We tend to choose places which offer everything with a menu so diverse that you get everything! From Chinese, desi cuisine,pizzas,burgers, sandwiches, pastas, steaks and a whole lot more.Trust us, if there ever is a place which you can blindly trust in terms of taste, quality and affordable prices then it isHot and Spicy. Just you go through their menu, it will be enough to whet your appetite. Their menu includes the most delectable Pakistani menu starting from paratha rolls which are worth trying. Their barbecue menu, tawa and tandoor dishes again are enough to satisfy your hunger. Whatever you want you can get it there. Their cordon blue burger, chicken chilli dry, American tikka, tawa chicken, chicken handi, paratha roll platters, tikka and kebbas are again one of their specialties.The more you try the more you will fall in love with the goodness of their food. Take our word for it, you would not be disappointed. All you need to do is down load our app or go to our website and place you order, it is that convenient. Our riders will deliver your order in the wink of an eye. Whenever your friends are over and demand something immediately or if you have relatives over fordinneryou can always order from Hot and Spicy.Order now and taste the goodness of what Hot and Spicy has to offer!