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  • best chicken haleem i ever tried
  • Very tasty nest and clean Haleem without unnecessary spices and right on time delivery by Cheety
  • ordered chicken haleem and it was very good

Home Cooked Haleem!

Haleem Kinara is a home based initiative that serves Haleem and Nihari which is warm, thick, tasty and delicious enough for one one to find any reason to resist this Haleem. Specializing in beef and chicken Haleem, Haleem Kinara serves quality food with the love and care we find only in home cooked meals.

Your Choice!

You can even choose what type of Haleem or Nihari you want! Browse through their glorious menu at the comfort of your home, or wherever you are in the city via Cheetay. Select the items you want and just add them to your cart and get done with the Checkout. So, do not wait and enjoy Haleem Kinara now!

Bringing You Closer Than Ever!

Spend time with friends and family and order from Haleem Kinara. Cheetay brings you an exclusive deal of 1 Kg Haleem, 6 Naans, 1.5 litre Drink. Yet, that is not all! We also offer free home delivery on this deal for our beloved customers!

Meat Lovers!

For all of you beef lovers out there, Haleem Kinara brings you Beef Haleem as well. You can either get the 1 Kg Haleem for multiple people or if you want to spend a quiet day in all by yourself, get the single serving Haleem. Not a big fan of beef? Get the Chicken Haleem which will leave a burst of flavors in your mouth.

Experience Your Traditions!

Haleem Kinara is one of the best places to get traditional dishes. They not only offer Haleem but they also sell Nihari so whether it is time for breakfast or lunch or dinner, order the Chicken Nihari or the Beef Nihari to make your day even better. The spices and ingredients used by this restaurant are perfect; neither too weak nor strong. These dishes and their aroma will take you through a wonderful food journey, from where you will not want to come back.

Easy and Portable!

Haleem Kinara provided you with the option to buy Haleem and Nihari in a tin if you want to take it somewhere else with you. This enables you to take your food anywhere with you, making it portable and easier to carry. The mission of Haleem Kinara is to provides its customers with the most healthy and tasty food options because they never want to compromise on your health. They use only the best meat and ingredients to make your food, which is made in extremely hygienic conditions to make sure you fall in love with their food.

Choose Cheetay - Your One Stop to All Things Delicious

So, in case you are looking for top quality food in Lahore, Haleem Kinara is the answer. Get ready to indulge your taste buds with the rich flavor of authentic Lahori Haleem, freshly made for you and promptly delivered to your doorstep by Cheetay. As you can see from the menu given above, they specialize in Haleem and Nihari which are two of the most delicious traditional dishes of Pakistan. It is our suggestion to everyone using Cheetay to order these delicious dishes from Haleem Kinara and we will deliver it hot, right to your doorstep!