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  • Unacceptable experience. Food was far from edible. Drink ordered was some food coloring in water. I will not recommend.

Hakuna Matata Restaurant in Lahore

The Hakuna Matata Restaurant’s tagline is “Grilled to Perfection. Less Fat, More Taste.” So what more could a person ask for, when the food you’re eating is not making you gain pounds like crazy. Another great thing about this eatery is that the food is so reasonably priced that you will want to order from Hakuna Matata all day every day! Forget about cooking at home because eating out will not be a problem anymore.Menu of Hakuna Matata RestaurantThe most popular and frequently ordered dishes here are the Hakuna Matata Burger, Chicken Mushroom Olive Wrap, Chicken Mexican Fajita Pizza, Chipotle Pizza, Spicy Chipotle Sandwich, and Raspberry Mint Juice.In love with fries? Are you one of those people who get super excited just at the mere sight of a platter full of long, thinly cut, crispy and salted French fries? Then you can rejoice because the fries menu at Hakuna Matata are pretty darn cool. There are fries with different seasonings available, Twister Fries, Hakuna Fries, Potato wedges, Cheesy stick and chips, criss cut fries, and Fish and Chips. So, if you are planning on binge eating French fries, do order from Hakuna Matata and invite all your friends too because sharing is caring.Your next movie night or get-together will not be a bore anymore because of all the great food you can order. With an exciting menu that offers everything like wraps, sandwiches, paninis, burgers, pizzas, rice, and fried chicken, there will be something for everyone.All the wraps are really delicious too, with perfectly seasoned fillings so if you are weight conscious, you might enjoy them because usually there are fewer calories in wraps as compared to burgers and pizzas. The options available are Chicken Ceaser Wrap, BBQ Chicken Wrap, Chicken Red Chili Fajita, Chicken Mushroom Olive, Chicken Cheesy, and Chicken Fish. All of these under rupees two hundred! Unbelievable, right?The Paninis and Sandwiches menu also comes with an array of options and all of them are worth every bite. If you want your food to give you a fiery surprise, then you will most definitely enjoy the Spicy Chipotle Sandwich, Hot Fiery Sandwich, and the Peri-Peri Chicken Panini.Pizza enthusiasts will also not be disappointed as many different flavors are available. There is Chipotle, Herb Malai, Cheese lover, Chicken Mexican Fajita, and Chicken Tikka style. All pizzas are incredibly cheesy with drool worthy toppings. You’d want to host a pizza party and invite everyone over.Don’t worry, your parents don’t have to feel left out just because they are not a fan of fast food. You can order from Hakuna Matata’s rice menu for them. There is the Hot and Spicy Rice bowl, Meat Heat Rice bowl, or the BBQ Rice bowl. But be warned, they might not want to go back to boring ol’ home food.Now comes the best part. You can eat from Hakuna Matata from anywhere. Whether you are at work or even in your bed, order your food through Cheetay. You can visit Cheetay’s website or download the app for the fastest food delivery ever!