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Gustoso and Cheetay’s Team is at Your Service

What is that one round sweet delight with a hole in it that is fried and glazed with tons of flavours? You named it right! It is a doughnut or donut as you may call it. This famous dessert is an eighteenth century specialty that has been called - the hit food of the century at World’s Fair in Chicago in 1933. Gustoso -The Donut Shop in Lahore has taken this tradition forward and is offering donuts that come in fourteen different flavours. To make these delivered at home for you, Cheetay - its exclusive delivery partner is just a click away!

The Glazed Donuts that You Crave For

If those soft and fluffy donuts are making you salivate then it is time to dig further. See the delicious flavours that Gustoso offers you. Start with the glossy donuts that are freshly Glazed with icing sugar. These donuts are not too greasy and have just the right amount of sweet to satisfy your cravings. However, if you want to have donuts glazed with chocolate syrup then get the Chocolate Iced ones. These are rich in flavor and have the capability to satiate your cravings for chocolate. To enjoy the density of sugar with chocolate icing even more, indulge yourself in chocolate iced marbled donuts. These are appealing to the eyes as they have variety of designs made by sugar icing on them. If you are a fan of vanilla, then get marled donuts with that base. This will tease your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Of course you have the option to buy another single donut if you want. Cheetay, with its ultimate speed will deliver freshly baked donuts to you.

Colours and Candies- Pop Art on a Donut

If you want some colour in life other than hues of brown and white then look for those donuts that urge you to call for a party! See the ones that have a hailstorm of sprinkles falling all over them. The added texture and candy-like taste on a creamy chocolate or vanilla topping of a donut is a treat that cannot be traded with anything else. Ask for sweet strawberry or the irresistible caramel toffee glaze tinged with salt and it will appeal to your imaginary world. If you like the savoury shredded coconut and glazed chocolate then opt for it in your six packs or dozen donuts’ order online.

Variety of fillings and your Ultimate Preference

Sometimes you might crave for not just a simple icing on the top but a flavour inside the donut too. Gustoso has donuts that are filled Hazelnut, Peanut Butter and Nutella. The moment you bite into the freshly sugar coated donut, you can taste the gooey cream that holds sugar, cream and essence together representing a perfect texture and becoming deliciously tasty at the same time. A cream filled flaky glazed chocolate donut also known as Boston Cream is a recipe for happiness to those who are fans of cream. However, if you like them chunky, then get the Dairy Milk, Kit Kat or Oreo donuts.

Did you just wish to have a taste of all these donuts all at once? Hop on to and order Gustoso online to get you what you crave for the most.