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20 Ratings
  • this time food is not fresh...
  • Seems like burger is not fresh.
  • Food is Very Tasty...
  • Perfect meal in 300. Simply outclass
  • Good Taste
  • I ordered the Chicken Jalapeno Burger. VERY good flavor, which was very similar to that of Howdy. It was a sizable and delicious meal!
  • Burger didn't have fries along it. Bun were not fresh. Nerver order from here again.
  • Excellent Howdy taste
  • tasty food
  • Chicken Jalapeno burger 9/10. One star less due to poor presentation
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Grill Hut Restaurant in Lahore

Imagine a juicy beef or chicken patty drenched in a creamy thousand island sauce, topped with a melting cheese slice. Or chicken burgers with a cocktail of sauces like jalapeno, tangy mustard and much more. Now that’s a first for you, we bet. And you can get all of this under one roof, a place that specializes in burgers - The Grill Hut in Lahore. With only burgers on their menu, you’re guaranteed to get the best burgers in town. They’ve got a variety of burgers to satisfy everyone’s cravings - ranging from jalapeno beef burger to creamy chicken burger, and spicy chicken to chicken cheese burger. Only one word comes to mind: YUM! So don’t think twice before getting a burger from the Grill Hut, located in Barkat Market.

Delivery of Grill Hut’s Burgers in Pakistan

Of course, nobody enjoys the frustration of waiting in lines for their food or getting their food only to find out it’s wrong. Let Cheetay handle that. That’s right - our Cheetay riders will place your order for you, wait in line for you and even do a quality check before we deliver it to you to ensure we’ve got your order right. All you have to do is log on to our website to place the order or through the Cheetay app which is even easier. Meanwhile, you can track your burger from Grill Hut to see how far it is. It really is that simple. And what’s better, with reasonably priced burgers, you are not going to get a better deal on burgers than from Grill Hut. So tell us- kya chahiye?