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  • Not what i expected. extremely salty. They had mentioned that it is breaded grilled chicken. Infact it was a Chinese style chicken in white sauce

Greenhouse Restaurant in Lahore

Have you ever felt guilty after devouring an entire double cheeseburger, with extra cheese and extra-large fries, while washing everything down with a diet coke? Of course, you have. Lucky for you, those days are gone. No need to order the diet coke anymore to incorporate the “diet” element. After a dose of some unhealthy junk food, clear your system and put in some healthy goodness. Eat from Greenhouse, the cool new healthy food restaurant, if you don’t want your body begging for mercy. Your body will definitely thank you. They have all the calories mentioned with the menu items, so you know the exact nutritional value of the respective food you end up eating. Another cool thing about Greenhouse is that they don’t use any processed ingredients so you can eat without a care in the world.Food that is healthy and hella tasty!Yes, we are aware that healthy and tasty are being used in the same sentence but that is just because it is true! If you are mostly on the look-out for some healthy sandwiches and burgers, try their chicken burger, beef burger, chicken sandwich or the more unique daal burger. The daal burger has a mong daal patty, pickled onion, jalapeno, and coriander pebre.Where my Salads at?Some super cool salad options are available at Greenhouse. There is the thai beef salad, beetroot and lentil salad, chicken chipotle, quinoa chicken, rainbow quinoa, chunky greek, and Asian summer salad. The chicken chipotle sandwich is very popular, not just because it has 334 calories but because it is so delectable! It has chicken breast pieces, fresh and crunchy carrots, zucchini, lettuce, almonds, topped with a spicy chipotle dressing that ties all the flavours together nicely. The soups are also remarkable! Just a whiff of their aromatic goodness will put you in a receptive mood. Especially the very refreshing thai lemongrass soup which has lemongrass, mint, coriander, chicken, lemon, garlic, green chili. And the spicy carrot soup that is made up of carrots, ginger, garlic, onion, and cumin powder. Tempting, right!For all you gym-going fitness fanatics, Greenhouse has the most delish protein shakes. You have the option to choose from Power boost with dates, bananas, chocolate whey protein powder cocoa powder, camel milk, cinnamon; Muscle fuel that consists of peanuts, chocolate whey protein powder, almond milk; and Blue energy that’s made up of blueberries, bananas, vanilla whey protein powder and fresh apple juice. Not to forget the great prices.What did you say? You live far away?Sorry but no excuses. We want to see you happy and healthy so leave it to Cheetay to get you your daily dose of nutrition. Visit our website to order from Greenhouse or just download the Cheetay app to get your food in a flash. Any other excuse to eat unhealthy? No? Good!