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  • I ordered Stuffed Chicken Breast, previously item was made with Butter but now they have changed the recipe and now they are preparing the same with cheese. very disappointed.
  • Gourmet grill never disappoints. everything is delicious. Including Chinese, desi and fast food. pineapple chicken is a must try...happy eating
  • Delicious. Food was awesome and "cheetay" delivery service was superb.
  • Excellent food experience,taste and quality of food was outclassed double thumbs up to gourmet grill and definitely very well done job by who offered such extravagant food range to us.keep it up
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Gourmet Grill Restaurant in Lahore

We can’t say it enough can we! Desi food is the best and nothing even compares to the decadent richness of our cuisine. If you are a Lahori then you need not say more. I mean you come across local dhabas, restaurants and road side vendors at every nook and corner of the city. This is a city brimming with food, either its local cuisine, Chinese, Italian or whatever. Our love for food cannot be underestimated, for we can go to whatever lengths to eat good wholesome food. There are different classifications of restaurants here starting from the ultra gourmet which offer food that is exorbitantly high priced to places which are gourmet but are reasonable compared to the ultra high priced ones. Then there are those whose finesse in cooking cannot be questioned but are reasonably priced and aren’t too heavy on the pockets of the customers.

There are also restaurants which offer ridiculously cheap priced food while maintaining a level of quality which is considerably commensurate to high end eateries. But the thing is we tend to spend too much on food that may be very good in taste but it’s pretty darn expensive. We sort of blow our entire savings on food by just eating out! There comes a time when you have to be somewhat frugal and save a bit while still eating good quality food.

Whenever you’re in the mood to have delicious food that scintillates your taste buds, you should try Gourmet Grill. Their menu is diverse and has an array of options for you. So if you’re in the mood for Pakistani food, you’ll have the options to choose chicken badami handi, chicken achaari handi, gourmet special mutton handi, chicken tikka masala and a whole lot more. There are a plethora of other options like steam roasts, karahis, tawa chicken, barbecue and so many options that you'll salivate by just looking at the menu.

They’re not just experts at Pakistani cuisine; their chinese menu again is worth trying since it’s very reasonably priced. Their szechuan chicken, garlic chicken, chicken manchurian, chicken in oyster sauce, sweet and sour fish, prawns with cashew nuts are again worth trying. They have so much more! They have noodle options which include chow mein and chop suey. You can also try their soups.

And if you’re not in the mood to have either desi or chinese food, don’t worry, they have burgers, steaks and sandwiches on their menu as well. So they have everything under one roof. Moreover, if you bring kids along you’re in luck, as they have a kids menu where they offer junior burger, sandwiches and drumsticks meals. Apart from these, they also have special meal offers (barbecue) which are very reasonable.

So whenever you’re in the mood to have basically anything, be it burgers, sandwiches, chinese soups, etc you don’t need to do much. All you have to do is sit back, put your jammies on and just pick up your phone. Just visit our website and place your order or download our App. Our riders will deliver your order while it’s hot and fresh!