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Goshi Restaurant in Lahore

Desi food is our all-time favourite. Even though we eat it every single day, we still don’t get bored. We are sure that almost everyone will agree with us. There is just something about the beautiful mix of spices that make it stand out from all other cuisines. When we go abroad, the one thing that we miss the most about our country is the amazing food. Such is the magic of Desi Cuisine.

There are certain restaurants in Lahore that serve the absolute best of Pakistani food and Goshi restaurant is one of them. There is not a single dish on their menu that will disappoint you. Their recipes are carefully crafted to suit the taste of Lahoris because everyone knows how enthusiastic Lahoris are about their food. There is no compromise on taste and quality. So if you haven’t tried Goshi yet, now is the time. You will definitely thank us for recommending such a great place.

Here are all the things on their menu

Goshi specialities include Chicken Steamed Roast, Chicken Ginger, Chicken Jalfrazi, Chicken Boneless Achari, Mutton Joints, Mutton Mix Grill, Mutton Boneless Achari, and Mutton Crumbs Chops.

Goshi is very famous for its outstanding barbeque menu. Those perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside grilled tikkas and botis will tantalize your taste buds. The mesmerizing smell of fresh off the grill barbecue will put you in a trance. You can get the Chicken Jumbo Tikka, Chicken Jumbo Boti, Chicken Kebab Jumbo, Chicken Gola Kebab, Mutton Kebab Jumbo, Mutton Gola Kebab, Beef Gola Kebab, Beef Kebab and Afghani Kebab.

Their Handis are also truly amazing. So flavourful and palatable that you won’t be able to forget them for a long time. You can order from an array of different flavours like Chicken Cheese Boneless Handi, Chicken Maza Boneless, Chicken Goshi Handi, Chicken Boneless, Chicken Achari, Chicken Karahi, Chicken Breast Masala, Mutton Boneless, Mutton Boneless, Mutton Achari, and Mutton Karahi.

Are you tempted to try out all the delicious food yet?

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