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Are you craving desi food? Or are you craving Continental food? Or maybe something else? A little bit of everything? Well that is fantastic because so are we. That is why we are telling you about this restaurant ! This is the place that can satisfy all our food fantasies. That’s right, we are talking about the Golden Grill Restaurant. It is the perfect place for when your entire group of friends want something different but cannot settle for a place to eat. And another cool thing about this restaurant is that everything on the menu is very reasonably priced. Isn’t this the best thing ever?Let us explore the unbelievable Golden Grill menuStarting with nashta, the most important meal of the day, Golden Grill has many enjoyable options. You can eat halwa puri, murgh chanay, mutton chanay, chicken nihari, mutton nihari, mutton paye, tandoori paratha and various kinds of naans. If all these rich desi breakfast dishes are not for you, don’t worry. A very nice omelette with bread, butter, and jam is also available. And obviously, how can we forget the beverages. There is tea, green tea, and lassi because nashta is incomplete without these.Is it time for lunch yet?The lunch menu is so massive that it will leave you drooling for sure. For the true patriot in you, an array of Pakistani dishes are available. There is chicken madrasi, chicken jalfrezi, chicken karahi, chicken boneless handi, chicken makhan handi, chicken ginger, and so many more. Tender chicken pieces cooked together with fresh spices and herbs, leaving a beautiful aroma to making sure you come back for more.Alternatively, Golden Grill also gives you the chance to experience some famous Afghani dishes like the chicken karahi namkeen and the Afghani boti pulao. Barbeque food at the Golden Grill Restaurant is also scrumptious. All those garma garam grilled botis and tikkas will leave you wanting more. Everything from chicken kebabs, beef kebabs to chicken piece, Mughlai tikka and other BBQ items are up to the mark.For those cold winter evenings, when all you are looking forward to is the warmth of a steaming hot bowl of soup, Golden Grill has just the right options for you. The Golden Grill special soup is loved by everyone. There is also the chicken hot n sour, chicken corn, thai chicken, and the yummy cream of chicken soup.Other menu items are pizza, Chinese food, burgers, sandwiches, shawarmas, and what not.Don’t want to drive all the way to DHA?That’s okay. Because Cheetay is here. Get your food anywhere you want. Wherever you live in Lahore, the food will reach you. Just place your order by visiting the Cheetay website or downloading the app. And TADA! Food right in front of you.