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  • very famous good in taste but charges is very high
  • Best.
  • I order that but delivery charges is too high plz charge low
  • Please add Naan option... Too much problem we don't have option for Nan... I live in model town about 1.5Km from goga.I pay 50 Rs. Delivery charges for my convenience...after getting the Chany...need to bring Nan myself.....then why I should pay 50 to cheeta idiots...
  • Please add in your menu naan also. Koi b khali chaany nahi khaa sakta sath naan chahye hi hoty ha.
  • I've ordered a couple of times from this restaurant but today the food quality was not up to the mark. It was like Naan Channay from some other lower quality hotel
  • Excellent
  • Why isn’t there any option for kulcha or naan separately? What kind of sorcery is this? -frustrated customer.
  • Excellent taste .Now the online order service is also a good step to entertain peoples .Time saving step took for there costumers
  • Very good taste
  • The good old taste of Channey, Simple and Tasty. Good job Mr Goga...
  • Always good.
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Goga Channay Restaurant in Lahore

There are many things that Lahoris pride themselves over. No, it is not the view of the mountains while driving down a certain Margalla Avenue or the breeze from the Arabian Sea on Clifton Road. Lahoris pride themselves over something much bigger and special that requires immense talent and a knack for creating unique experiences through the simplest of things. Only one word rings such a bell. Food. Because no place does food like Lahoris. No one creates flavors like Lahoris and nobody has as big an appetite as a Lahori, that’s for sure. Food is so embedded in a Lahoris life that it is part of the heritage, culture and identity of a Lahori. Heck, we have the infamous food street so there isn’t any denying of the food immersion one experiences in Lahore.

If you’ve been around Lahore long enough, you know that there are certain food heroes that specialize in particular food dishes and that’s what they are known for. One such hero hails from Model Town and is famously known for his epic channay – ladies and gentleman, presenting Gogay ke Channay. There is no denying the delicious and spicy flavor that these channay have. You can have sada channay or murgh channay, or you can top it with a kofta or an egg. Pair that with a warm sada naan, roghni naan or a good old simple roti and you are good to go. Whichever way you go, you’ll be having the best channay in town. They are not to miss, especially if it is your first time in Lahore and you are looking for an authentic Lahori food experience. Because these channay, along with many other dishes, form the Lahori food identity.

Goga Channay Delivery in Lahore

Of course, if you are new to Lahore, it might be hard to navigate to Goga Channay in Model Town. Or even if you’re not new to Lahore, you still might not want to go out because don’t we all just hate the frustrating traffic. But that doesn’t mean you miss out on an authentic Lahori food experience or miss out on an epic plate of gogay ke channay. In Lahore, we take food very seriously so if you are craving a hot plate of murgh channay topped with a kofta and full boiled egg with a roghni naan and a chilled botal of coke on the side, then think no more, look no further! Cheetay has you covered. Cheetay will bring your plate of channay to you so that you don’t get lost circling around Model Town. Cheetay riders know exactly where the location is and shortcut routes so don’t waste time in traffic and lines when you could be at home relaxing in bed, Netflix and chilling. Let cheetay riders bring you the stuff of legends, such as gogay ke channay. Download the cheetay app now and tell us, kya chahiye?