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Galito’s menu at Cheetay is All Set for You to Order!

Have you tried the fiery, flame-grilled South African chicken or Gali bites from Galito’s? You’ve got to taste them if you have not as yet. With the best ingredients and flavours, Galito’s has been making consistently delicious chicken to satisfy your cravings. Now that Galito’s restaurant is on cheetay’s website and cheetay’s android app, you can get your choice of burgers, wraps and more at any time and any place you like!

Galito’s Beef and Chicken Menu

To appetize your taste buds, start with Galito’s extraordinary starters. This restaurant has Flamed Chicken Wings, Chicken Sosaties, Chicken Satay, and Chick-E-Naise to deliver to all sorts of tastes available on its menu. Of course, you will choose your main course according to what you wish to taste next. With a diversity in dishes revolving around beef and chicken, Galito’s promises to never keep you half- satiated or isolated from any taste that you like. It offers burgers and wraps, pizzas, espetadas and combotadas from the special’s section. Burgers and wraps consist of Beef/Chicken Bites, Twin Beef/Chicken Burger or a simple Beef/Chicken Burger, Supremo Chicken burger, Chicken pita, Chicken wrap or Chicken Piquant Burger. A variety in Galito’s Pizzas however, consist of Chickalito’s Hot that is topped with Peri-Peri sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, Mexicano with minced beef and shredded cheese, Hawaiian layered with Pineapples and Pastrami, Vegetarian with Mushrooms, Zucchini, Pineapple, Peppers, Onions and Olives, Pepperoni Pizza and the Carnivorous with Beef Pepperoni, Pastrami and Turkey Bacon. You can make this a meal for two and four people by ordering Garlic Bread, Chocolate Cake and salads.

Order Your Food to Share at Affordable Prices

Sides can also be chosen when ordering dishes from the Specials’ section. These dishes include the Twin Platter, Boneless Platter, Good Times Feast and Galito’s Platter with Chicken or Prawn Espetadas/Combotadas, Soups, Full/Quarter Chicken to be the main course. Galito’s Chicken is one of the most ordered dishes. It is because of this that they keep options for you to choose between a full, half or quarter chicken and Boneless Grilled Chicken. So, whether you are alone or inviting people over, order Galito’s online through Cheetay inexpensively and make your dinners/lunches the most exciting times of the day!