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Fri Chiks Restaurant in Iqbal Town, Lahore

Centrally located in Iqbal Town, Lahore, Fri Chiks is the restaurant that offers delicious fried chicken, burgers, french fries, pizzas and more. The great variety on their menu will surely satisfy your taste buds. because their menu has it all. Whatever your heart wants and craves.

Deals, Deals, and more Deals!

They offer a host of mouth watering deals to satisfy your binge eating feasts and guilty pleasures. This means that you can order all the chicken and burgers you want, without spending a fortune. We kid you not. Their ‘Mazedar Deal’ will most certainly not disappoint you. The best part is that there are several ‘Mazedar Deals.' Mazedar Deal 1, Mazedar Deal 2, 3, 4 and other Economy and Super Family Deals. With these many options, you would want to eat here every day. But don’t be mean, do remember your friends and share all the deliciousness with them too. Order food online for your relatives when they visit and have a fun family meal. Also, try their Full-Time Hungama Offer that has their famous Karizma burger and the oh-so-yummy drumsticks.

Is your mother tired of cooking?

Well of course she is. She deserves a break too! Their famous tagline “When mom’s not cooking” is clearly trying to give all the moms a hint to take a break. So why not play on this, and become the favorite son/daughter by ordering from Fri Chiks. Treat your momma, and maybe tomorrow she can cook your favorite dish. *wink wink*

With great prices comes great options

Invite some of your favorite people over or surprise a friend at their place and order some unique flavors of Pizzas available exclusively at Fri Chiks Restaurant. Have you ever tried Pickle Punjabi Pizza? We’re guessing not. Just surf their Pizza menu and get amazed by the different flavors that are being offered. With the perfect base and tantalisingly cheesy toppings, these pizzas won’t dissatisfy you. They might become your Saturday night favourites given how delicious and fresh they are. So it’s high time to forget those old pizza places and give Fri Chiks a shot.

We are pretty sure that by now you must be drooling. Lucky for you, you can get all these fantastic deals in a short amount of time. Just log on to Cheetay’s website or download the android/iOS app and order your favorite meal. Don’t be so harsh on yourself, hurry up and order NOW! Time is running out.