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Food Truck Company, Lahore

What a wonderful time it is to be alive, when food can be found in the most unlikeliest of places, like a freaking Truck!. Thanks to the Food Truck Company (FTC), we can experience this in Lahore too. Remarkable food plus low prices, that’s what describes the Food Truck Company. Every single item on their menu speaks volume of the quality that is being offered. So if you are looking for excellent food that you would want to eat every day, go grab a meal from FTC.

Taste is guaranteed!

Let’s get one thing straight. You NEED to try every single one of the burgers available on the menu. If you don’t, you most certainly will regret it. But why, you ask? Because these are the tastiest burgers ever!! No kidding!

First, let’s talk about their most famous burger which is the mushroom and cheeseburger with Italian sauce. This burger is an excellent example of what flawless food tastes like. With a melt in your mouth patty that has exceptional taste, the flavour of the sauce and the patty is in perfect harmony. No one flavour empowers the other so you can easily distinguish between the two. It’s like a party in your mouth. Close your eyes while you enjoy the ride.

Other burgers available on the menu are the super spicy double decker, western BBQ burger, jalapeno cheddar, grilled chicken, and the fried chicken burger. The fried chicken burger is also on point. The patty is huge, tender and perfectly crispy and crunchy. It is not drenched in oil which is the most important thing when it comes to fried food. The added layer of melted cheese on top just brings the flavour up a notch.

Do yourself a favour and get a sandwich!

After you get done with trying all the burgers on the menu, grab yourself a sandwich from the Food Truck Company. There is cheese melt, steak and cheese, BBQ chicken, and grilled chicken sandwich. Each sandwich brings something different to the menu.

For everyone who is addicted to French fries, whose meal is incomplete without those crispy thin slices of heaven, get your daily doze of fries at the Food Truck Company. These are the crispiest fries you’ll get to taste. We’re salivating just thinking about them. You can get not only plain fries, but also masala fries, garlic mayo fries, and cheese fries.

If you don’t live in DHA, don’t fret!

Because Cheetay will bring you your favourite meal from the Food Truck Company even if you live in Johar Town, Model Town, Wapda Town or any other corner of Lahore. So hurry up and download the Cheetay app or visit the website, and tell us kya chahiye?