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  • They add biryani in menu not have biryani today my rider return empty hand disappointed

Fine Pizza at Cheetay is Loaded with Food Items from Every Cuisine

Food tastes like happiness when it is ordered from Fine Pizza at With diverse cuisines from different parts of the world, it has all that you can ask for! Order from its tasty soups, crunchy deep fries, sweat and sour Chinese, and rich flavoured seafood from its menu and enjoy all that you like.

Delicious Appetizers at Fine Pizza in Lahore

Before you order the main course, delve into any of the appetizing Hot & Sour, Chicken Corn, Chicken Noodles, Thai Clear and Szechuan Soup. This will tease your taste buds and make you curb your uncontrollable hunger pangs. A warm soup of your choice along with a bite of Deep Fries is an excellent combination to opt for. Get the tempting crispy Fish Fingers, savory Chicken Drum Sticks, spicy Chicken Pakora, golden Fried Chicken Wings, Sweet and Sour Fried Honey Wings and crunchy Chinese Chicken Nuggets from Fine Pizza. If you are looking for Charcoaled food then, add Grilled Boneless Fish to your cart for ordering.

Sumptuous Main Course in Fine Pizza Menu

After you know the type of appetizers that you want to have, go to the main menu for Fast Food, Chinese or Desi Cuisine. Order the breaded Chicken patty Burgers topped with Cheese or Ketchup and Mayonnaise or saucy Beef Burgers with spices of your choice. You can also have Shawarmas or Shawarma Platters filled with marinated chicken or beef, cheese, olives and coleslaw. If you are a fan of sandwiches, then get Fine Pizza to deliver club, chicken tikka and chicken breast sandwiches from Cheetay and enjoy to the fullest!

Chinese and Desi Food Section

In the Chinese cuisine menu, Chow Mein and Chop Suey could be appetizing options to choose from. Beside that, Chicken dishes such as those made with Almonds, Black Pepper, Mixed Vegetables, Mushrooms, Olives, Garlic, Green Chili, Pineapple and Hot Spices can be ordered and served with Chinese Rice. The rice dishes could be Egg Fried, Boiled, Vegetable Fried and Chicken Masala.

Make your way to spicy Desi Food with steaming hot chicken biryani. Order an Achari Chicken Karahi, Chicken Makhni Handi and BBQ Hot Grill from the Pakistan Special Section along with it and be delighted! If you are accompanied with family or friends then, fill up your cart with Mutton Karahi, Mutton Hyderabadi Handi and Beef Afghani Kebab too.

Cheetay Bringing Fine Pizza’s Food Experience to You!

Food at Fine Pizza is full of rich flavours that you would never want to miss. With its assorted varieties, your palate will never bore you. All you have to do is order from and relish your most intimate food moments!