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Feeka Lassi Shop in Lahore

Brace yourself for the scathing heat of summers! I mean nature really doesn’t take it easy on us. Rather, it unleashes its hellish fury thinking we can bear the scorching heat. Well we sort of have to since we don’t have a choice really. The sweltering heat of summers take a toll on you since not only does it debilitate your will and ability to function properly but also renders you weary, famished for water and exhausted. No one wants to be drenched in sweat where you can feel the sheen of sweat on your face and beads of perspiration trickling down your shirt. No one likes splotches of sweat slathered under their armpits where you have to change clothes continuously.

Plus sitting in an air conditioned room only exacerbates the ordeal since you know you’ll have to go out into the furnace again eventually. Going back and forth from extreme heat to cold just makes you even more irate! I mean everything is all over the place. Tempers are flaring; pungent odors bombard your nostrils wherever you go since you see sweaty people everywhere.

It’s like you can’t escape it, plus what is worse is when the light goes out. On top of all that you get to experience load shedding and rely on UPS’ and generators to allay the ordeal. Moreover, you dread going anywhere at all. Your car makes you feel like you’re in the oven as the searing hot car seat cover latches to your back when you sit in it. And god forbid your car’s air conditioner isn’t working, you’re on your own then. Taking down the windows just blasts the blistering heat on your face and makes it considerably worse.

In all this chaos you need a soothingly cold drink to alleviate the heat that gets to your head. You can feel your body temperature going down as a simple cold drink can refresh your senses completely. So yes worry not! We have the perfect antidote for you. Try feeka lassi, and the lusciously smooth lassi will rejuvenate you completely. Their lassi is light and covered with a frothy layer of butter with a salty tang. You can even try the sweet lassi which again depends on your taste. Their cold lassi will revive your taste palate and will give you the much needed energy boost you need! We all have lassi at home which is usually quite good but then again why shouldn’t we try the best lassi in town.

Since we all have it in the summers no one would ever dream of driving all the way to Anaarkali to just have lassi. You only need to sit at home, turn the AC on and order online. Well they also make barfi which again is a confectionary treat that you must try.

All you have to do is go to our website or download our App and place the order. If not, you can always call our UAN number. We’ll be there to deliver your order!