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Fat Burger Restaurant in Lahore

Mota ho ya patla, pait bharna chahiye. Haan magar jitna bara ho itna behtar hai. You don’t want to eat a burger that is so slight and meagre that you just end up hungry after an hour of having it. The whole idea of having a burger is that it should be hefty, cheesy, meaty and large enough to satisfy your carnivorous longings. A burger is meant to be big. Let’s be straight; no one likes a burger which is so small that you finish it in a single bite. You need to munch on something solid so that you can feel the meat when you take a bite. Be it chicken or beef; it is very important for there to be meat and not just crust and extra frills that just pile up and make your burger seem hefty.What’s the best thing you can do if you want to have a good experience eating a burger that isn’t conventional and standardised for mass consumption. You want it to be gourmet and yet providing the ease and facilities of fast food. Do we really have such places? Well, we have a place in mind that might come in handy if you feel the urge to have humongous burgers which you really don’t find elsewhere. You need a proper meal with a burger that is substantial and fries that are ample in quantity and size.Let's just describe a perfect burger, shall we? Hmmmmm …… what makes a burger perfect. Okay so here goes, you want perfectly plump buns that are slightly toasted to make them somewhat crunchy. On it should rest a patty so divine which is cooked/grilled to perfection where you can see the criss-cross caramelised stripes of char making an intricate visual which appeases our gastronomic and aesthetic sense. The patty should be succulent and moist, covered with a perfect char on top with a rich center oozing out hot juices. The burger should be doused with the best sauces to make it creamy and flavourful. No burger is complete without generous portions of cheese, caramelised onions, jalapenos, lettuce and crackling fried turkey bacon. The icing on top should be the crispiest onion ring ever. Now that’s what you call a BURGER.Now that we’ve described our version of what the perfect burger looks like, it is fair to say the closest burger that comes to our description is what you get at Fat Burger. Try looking at their menu. They have a wide variety of burgers such as Jalapeno chicken, Western BBQ, Jumbo Chilli Hot Dog, Mushroom Cheddar, etc. Moreover, you can get Angus beef and gourmet chicken burgers, so one thing is for sure, you’ll be getting the best quality there is. Apart from burgers, they have sandwiches, nuggets, fries, milkshakes, chili dogs, onion rings and kids deals.There’s a but involved. Oh please, you know what we mean. The thing is, are you willing to drive all the way to M M Alam road to get a burger if you live in DHA Phase 5, or Model Town or if you live even further on such as Township, EME Society, etc. Well, we have good news for you! Forget the hassle of driving all the way and wasting your time and energy on something so useless. Just log onto our website or download our App and place your order. You’ll get it hot and fresh. Trust us you won’t be disappointed.