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Order English Tea House’s Exquisite Dishes from Cheetay!

English Tea House has an Italian, American and British Cuisine to expand your palate. Now you can get any of its popular dishes - from the appetizers, main course and desserts from Cheetay and fulfill your overpowering hunger pangs! You can also opt for its tempting breakfast and hi-tea to serve your family and friends. So, place your order online and get it delivered right away!

English Tea House’s Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner Menu

The restaurant has many breakfast items on the list. You can opt for any omelets, cereals, pastries, pancakes, panini sandwiches and waffles or sausages, Turkey Bacons, Hash Brown Potatoes, Croissants, Muffins and Baked Beans. For lunch or dinner, you can treat yourself with spicy Stuffed Jalapenos filled with Cheese and Smoked Chicken or Chicken Cheese Croquettes infused with minced chicken and cheese. Order Chicken covered with Marinara sauce and cheese, sitting on top of a stack of cooked spaghetti. If you like pasta then get Fettuccini Alfredo assorted in white sauce served with a piece of garlic bread. A fan of breads will want a Panini Sandwich packed together with pieces of grilled chicken, cheese, mushrooms, turkey bacon and a special sauce.

Hi-Tea at English Tea House

Order a Classic English Tea and enjoy it with freshly baked scones. When getting servings for a group, Windsor English Hi-Tea is the best. This brings along some Quiche Slices, Fruits, Cheese, Pieces of Grilled Fish, spicy Chicken Skewers, oven hot Mini Chicken Puffs, small Pizza Slices, Mini Pastries and thin Chicken Sandwiches.

Get Your Favourite English Tea House Desserts from Cheetay Now!

For desserts, order English Tea House’s Molten Chocolate Lava Cake filled with melted chocolate syrup or Raisin Bread Pudding capped with caramel sauce. Both are presented with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.

So, hop on to Cheetay’s android app or website and prepare to feast!