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Eat Me Restaurant in Lahore

Eat Me Restaurant in Lahore

Looking for a cool new place to get your daily fix of some delicious burgers Then you have to try the Eat Me food truck! It came in Lahore just a little while ago, and you can find it on Mahmood Ali Kasuri Road. The owner of this awesome new food truck went to LA and learnt the art of making a perfect burger. Then he decided to bring this brilliance to Lahore so all Lahoris can taste what a real pulled-meat burger tastes like.

All the heavenly burgers that you can try

Their most popular burger is the Beef Gourmet Burger. Between freshly toasted buns, there is a tender and juicy beef patty stuffed with cheese and topped with sautéed jalapenos, gherkins and mushrooms. How divine! Every bite into this burger will take you in a food coma. The meat is truly the hero here. You will be able to taste the beef in its entirety as it does not have any spices.

If you love chicken, then the Chicken Gourmet Burger is a must try. It is big 180g chicken patty stuffed with cheese and topped with some mushrooms. Every bite will melt in your mouth, and makes for a perfect treat for all cheese lovers.

If you don’t eat meat and enjoy your veggies, then the Veggie Burger will be your new favourite. It has a crispy veggie patty topped with Eat Me’s signature sauces, between the freshest buns you have ever tasted.

For all the spice lovers out there, Pulled Punjabi Burger is for you. It comes in both beef and chicken, so whatever your preference is, you are covered. The beef version has shredded chatkhara beef wrapped in a tangy Punjabi sauce with herbs, spices, and green chillies. Similarly, the chicken version has sizzling shredded chicken doused in their Punjabi sauce that will excite your taste buds to the core.

Everything on the menu is so reasonably priced!

That’s right. You can get all the burgers under PKR 500! So if you are a student on a budget, or just someone who wants to save some cash while also eating great food, then the Eat Me food truck is THE place for you.

Can’t go out for Dinner?

No problem, because Cheetay is at your service. We deliver everywhere in Lahore! No need to fight the crazy traffic. Just stay where you are and order through the Cheetay app. You can also download the Cheetay app and order all the burgers your heart desires.