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  • Terrible quality of meat, selling smelly old rancid meat, and refuse to admit even when shown the product. Many many better options than this.
  • Third class food. even the quantity was so less. will never ever think of trying again..
  • Awesome taste love thr dumpukt taste authentic taste love to try them again highly recommended!

Dumpukht Kada Restaurant in Lahore

We all complain about desi food by saying it lacks variety and culinary finesse with regards to high end cooking. Some say desi food is way too hot for their taste buds to handle while most say it's way too simple with regards to foreign cuisines which incorporate a vast array of ingredients, vegetables and cooking techniques rather than just making plain old saalans and rice.

Well it isn’t really true, the abundance of herbs and spices that are used and incorporated in dishes made here in Pakistan and the subcontinent have inspired cooking all over the world! Heck, the British came under the guise to trade spices from the subcontinent, that’s how versatile our cooking is.

Rather the spices imported from India galvanized the culinary world and introduced to the world a multitude of spices, herbs, fruits and so much more. Sure we need to be innovative in our cooking methods and techniques and that is only possible once we embrace the diversity in our culture through domestic cuisines. Each geographic location brings forth a slew of unique dishes and cooking methods which make the menu exciting and relevant.

Keeping in mind diversity of cuisine as far as embracing our culture is concerned, Pakhtun food has always been underestimated. I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with lamb karahi made with a luxurious butter tomato gravy infused with lamb fat. The Afghani kebabs are a savoury delight and kazan pulao too which brings your palate to life.

For all this you can always rely on Dumpukht Kada. Their rustic karahis, chicken kazan pulao, zarafshan lamb, namkeen shiwaari, etc will take you on a culinary journey to the north. Their menu consists of specialties from the north along with authentic Afghani cuisine such as Afghan chicken boti and barbecue and a whole lot more.

You don’t have to drive all the way to DHA to eat all this. Cheetay delivers all over Lahore so yes you can sit back and relax. All you need to do is log on to our website or download our App and place the order. We will deliver your order in the blink of an eye! So order now.