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Dogar Pizza & Fast Food Restaurant in Lahore

Located in DHA Phase I, Lahore, Dogar Pizza and Fast Food Restaurant is one of those places that everyone knows about. So we are pretty sure you know what we are talking about. It is one of the best places to satisfy your fast food cravings. We all get bored of the regular burgers and pizzas from those multinational fast food chains. Dogar is perfect for those days when you want something with a different flavor.

Dogar Restaurant - Your fast food haven

Randomly at midnight, when you start dreaming about that crispy chicken sandwich or a heavenly chicken cheeseburger but are too lazy to get out of bed. Look no further, order from Dogar Pizza and Fast Food, and have a fantastic night.

Don’t forget to try their most popular menu items that include their cheese lover pizza, chicken cheese shawarma, chicken tikka, and tandoor special. You will most definitely want more of these once you try them. Their chicken tikkas are irresistible, perfectly cooked.

Having one of your cheat days? Do order their Zinger burger! The crispiness of the chicken will leave you wanting more along with their heavenly French fries. Not just the plain old ones. They have an array of options like BBQ, cheese, garlic chili, mayo, and their ‘special fries’.

On a diet, while your friends are having fun? No problemo. A number of different options await you. Get the grilled breast sandwich or the grilled breast burger. You won't miss out on the fun for sure.

So many Pizzas, So little time

Yes, you heard it. So many options to choose from. Pepperoni, BBQ Special, Chilli hot pizza, you name it. Fresh out of the oven, you won’t remember anything else after that beautiful aroma. Oh, so you are a vegetarian? Not an issue. Order their vegi pizza. See, there are so many options!

Price Point, SO GOOD

Are your friends complaining that you never buy them any food? Those days are gone. Treat your friends and family without a care in the world. You won't go broke, we promise. The Dogar name won’t disappoint you on the quality front either. It is one of those restaurants that offers you variety in the menu with affordable and reasonable prices. All the dishes are carefully prepared, keeping in mind their customers’ preferences.

So stop daydreaming and dive right in. You don’t even have to get off your couch to taste the food. Download the Cheetay app or log on to the website to get a timely delivery of your favorite burgers and pizzas.