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  • worst experience. seems they sent food which someone left on the table. everything was too salty and naans were like rubber. not again
  • mai ne achari handi boneless order ki thi, Lekin ab Dubara nahi karon ga.. chicken fresh nahi tha aur bones be thi..
  • Great taste
  • Great taste
  • Worst experience
  • My Favorite restaurant this is, Decent prices and outstanding food.
  • ????????
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Dera Restaurant in Lahore

Dera restaurant is famous for its amazing desi menu. All the dishes are prepared with great care to provide an authentic taste for all those desi food enthusiasts. The menu is pretty extensive and offers ample variety, so you won’t have trouble ordering whatever you’re in the mood of. If you have been daydreaming about all the heavenly desi dishes, then Dera should be on top of your list.

Your desi food sanctuary

Almost all the dishes are considerably popular, but their chicken sajji is highly raved about which makes it a must-have for all the newbies. Other traditional dishes include the Dera special chicken balti, special chicken satrangi, chicken karahi, chicken handi, chicken makhni handi, and so much more. If you are a meat lover, you will be appalled with all the choices presented.

The Bar B Q menu is also quite extensive. The Bar B Q platter that serves two people is widely ordered. It has a mutton kebab, chicken kebab, dum seekh, grilled batair, and chicken tikka. Other Bar B Q options include fish tikka, chicken tikka, chicken khoya kebab, chicken gola kebab, mutton kebab, and much more. There is also a wide variety of naans to order from.

Mouthwatering traditional desserts

If you thought they had forgotten about drinks and desserts, you were clearly wrong! If you want to take a break from all those fancy cakes and ice-creams and were wondering where to get the perfectly hot gulab jamun or the all-time favorite gajar ka halwa, then look no further. Dera has got your back. The oh-so-refreshing lassi, Peshawari kahwa, and Peshawari tea are also a fan favorite at Dera. You most certainly will get the complete desi experience.

But the great thing about this place is that the menu is not limited to traditional Pakistani food. You can order from the ‘Chinese Dastarkhwan’ as well as burgers and sandwiches. So if you have kids that want a burger, order it from Dera. The prices are reasonable given the great quality of the food they serve. Everything at Dera is prepared in a hygienic environment, further boosting their credibility.

You can enjoy all this great food in the comfort of your home. Just download the Cheetay app and get the food while it’s still hot. You can also order directly through the Cheetay website. Don’t think twice; the clock is ticking.