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  • Ordered Steak sandwich. So rubbary that could t finish the first bite
  • ????????????????

Cosa Nostra Restaurant In Lahore

We all love to have the most delicious food. More often than not, we tend to go out or order something which truly satisfies our culinary desires. There are abundant different places and eateries which offer you a diverse range of different cuisines out of which most are reasonably good. We all love fine dining and for that to be possible you need high end gourmet food which provides you immaculate quality food, an experience which supersedes any other along with the best service.

Ultimately what matters is food, that has the culinary finesse, taste which is unmatched that bombards your palate with flavours that are robust and have the extra zing to make it memorable. Let your taste buds do the talking and give the final verdict. For that, you need the food to be so tantalizing that it scintillates your taste buds. The restaurant which you can think of that encapsulates all of this is none other than Cosa Nostra.

Cosa Nostra Menu and Deals

We don’t think anyone with good reason can doubt the quality or taste that you get at Cosa Nostra cafe lahore. Moreover, their menu encapsulates what a fine dine restaurant offers. From starters, soups, salads to a host of dishes which will whet your appetite for more. Their signature dishes are worthy of trying such as their crispy fried fish and chips with tartar sauce and chocolate lava fondant with gelato.

Their signature Italian crepes (both sweet and savoury), piadina Italian flat breads and casseroles are a treat for your high end cravings. What makes it authentic is the infusion of the Italian heritage of the owners into the cuisine. To get a dose of pure Italian flavours their rotisserie chicken dishes and deli sandwiches are a must have. Moreover, they have an assortment of desserts, pastries, pies and tarts to make you drool.

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